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Psychology Experiments

Psychology Experiments

Articles on Experimental Research-Explanation of Human Behavior in the Real World

After studying both of this week’s articles, I thought it would be challenging to record des, describe, and control people’s behavior in the actual world. In the first article, “Research in the Psychological Laboratory: Truth or Triviality?”, the researchers look at how effectively psychological study lab findings apply to the actual world. According to the study, research from psychological laboratory analysis performs poorly regarding external validity (Anderson et al., 1999). Additionally, psychological laboratory experiments have typically produced psychological realities instead of trivialities. Accordingly, even if these studies can determine the extent to which independent factors impact independent factors, their conclusions cannot be applied to the “actual world.” I concur because everyone responds differently to circumstances and unforeseen factors in the “actual world.” Laboratory experiments could be an excellent approach to gauge behavior in various places and circumstances.

In the second article, “Psychology as the Science of Self-Reports and Finger Movements: Whatever Happened to Actual Behavior?”, self-reports, hypothetical situations, and survey results are its study methods (Baumeister et al., 2007). Self-reports and hypothesis cases, in my view, must not be taken seriously as reliable data sources. Several questionnaires are available today to find people’s thoughts on various subjects and their beliefs. To understand human behavior, I urge researchers to commit behaviorally-behaviorally basedation wherever practical and in a significant proportion of their research initiatives.

Article for My Final Relationship with the Articles

            After analyzing a study for my final project by Amiri & Karfa (2022), self-reports, that is, open-ended questionnaires and interviews, were used to gather information to look into the environmental elements that influence students’ academic achievement, and no data was collected by direct observation. In such investigations, I don’t think it’s solely appropriate to rely on the participants’ responses; additional observable data should also be gathered. Researchers are now more interested in the internal process than actually observing behavior. I regret to say that I believe there are very many variables that affect how humans are. Therefore, perhaps individuals aim to generalize too much and lose sight of the behavior. Accordingly, self-reports are not the best method for obtaining findings on human behaviors because people’s responses vary daily based on their moods.


Amiri, E., & El Karfa, A. (2022). The Impact of Learning Environment on EFL Students’ Academic Achievement: A Study of Socio-Cultural Factors Affecting Academic Achievement.

Anderson, C. A., Lindsay, J. J., & Bushman, B. J. (1999). Research in the Psychological Laboratory: Truth or Triviality? Current Directions in Psychological Science8(1), 3–9.

Baumeister, R. F., Vohs, K. D., & Funder, D. C. (2007). Psychology as the Science of Self-Reports and Finger Movements: Whatever Happened to Actual Behavior? Perspectives on Psychological Science2(4), 396–403.


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Psychology Experiments

Psychology Experiments

Read the two articles on experimental research in psychology. To what extent do you think the research methods psychologists use adequately explain human behavior in the real world? Please choose one of the articles you read for your final project and discuss how it relates to the arguments made in this week’s articles.

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