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Proposed Equality Act Review

Proposed Equality Act Review

I agree with the proposed law because it protects everyone from discrimination, including those whose values and beliefs may not be accepted by the majority. I also think that the law captures the right classes because people with disabilities, women, people of faith, people of color, and LGBTQ+ Americans and their families are vulnerable to discrimination in most societies because they present the minority groups. For instance, LGBTQ+ Americans may be denied credit, education, and housing because of a lack of federal non-discrimination protections for them (The White House, 2021). Women, people of color, people with disabilities, and people of faith may also be discriminated against because of societal stereotypes when there are no federal non-discrimination protections for them.

Although the proposed law has included the classes that are most vulnerable to discrimination, I think the legislators should also have included immigrants. Unfortunately, immigrants are the most victims of discrimination because they are stereotyped as individuals running away from the hardships in their country of origin. The rise of illegal immigrants also makes it hard for immigrants to access opportunities and services in the community without facing discrimination. Therefore, legislators should introduce another law that provides federal civil rights protections to immigrants to protect them from discrimination. The new law should clarify that the federal civil rights protections apply to all immigrants without generalizing them as people of color because some immigrants are not discriminated against because of their color but because of their countries of origin. For example, immigrants from developing countries may receive less pay than their counterparts from developed countries because of the assumption that they are desperate to continue living in the developed countries instead of returning to their country of origin to face hardships.


The White House. (2021, June 25). Fact sheet: The Equality Act will provide long overdue civil rights protections for millions of Americans.


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Proposed Equality Act Review

Proposed Equality Act Review

Review the proposed Equality Act, found in the Readings >> Laws folder. Though the Act passed in the House, it has not yet passed in the Senate, so it not law (at least not yet). For this forum, state whether or not you agree with the proposed law. Do you think it captured the right “classes” (of people)? Why/why not? Is there any other “class” you would have included that the legislators did not? Is there any “class” you think the legislators should not have included? Or is this proposed law simply “overkill”? After all, there are so many other anti-discrimination laws (see Readings>>Laws folder), do we really need another one?

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