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Professional Toolkit Measure of Success

Professional Toolkit Measure of Success

Professional Toolkit Measure of Success

Write a goal for each scenario.

Scenario A

Specific: By the time the school term is over in 5 weeks, Sally should be calm and know how to control her emotions. She will not be aggressive or violent.

Measurable: A good-behavior board will be placed at the back of the class and used to record Sally’s good behavior. The teacher will put a star for every parameter at the end of the day. The parameters include using the magic words (please, thank you, I am sorry, and excuse me); putting up her hand to indicate she wants to say something; counting 1-10 whenever she feels anger building up; playing with at least one child for 10 minutes without having any violent outbursts; and sitting still throughout a class lesson.

Achievable: Sally will be calm by the end of the school term. She will be able to articulate her needs rather than burst into violent spates.

Realistic: Many children with ADHD outgrow their violent and defiant behavior. Mindfulness has been shown to be effective in the treatment of ADHD in young children with ADHD. Mindfulness involves creating and maintaining a moment-by-moment awareness of the environment, bodily sensations, feelings, and thoughts (Rigoni et al., 2020).

Time: The exercise will start in the second week of the term after getting approval from her parents. The first phase of intervention will last through the five weeks of the term.

Scenario B

Marion is 50 years old and is socially isolated. She does not work and rarely interacts with other people. She feels lonely.

Specific: Marion will increase her social circle and engage in more activities where she interacts with others at the senior section of the leisure center. The seniors engage in various activities at the leisure center, such as playing sports, including table tennis and badminton, board games, such as checkers and chess, and exchanging hobby ideas and related stuff, such as skills and books on their hobbies.

Measurable: Marion will be introduced to the local senior recreational group and will be requested to make at least two friends in one month

Achievable: There is a local senior recreational group that meets every two days of the week (Tuesdays and Fridays). The group meets at the leisure center, where a section has been designated for them. Marion will be escorted by the RN to the first meeting and introduced to the 20+ seniors who come for the said meetings. The RN’s presence will help Marion feel less anxious about meeting new people.

Realistic: There are many senior citizens who feel lonely mainly because of the death of a loved one (partner or spouse), children who grow up and leave to start their own lives, and retirement, which disconnects them from their former work colleagues, among other reasons (Jain & Samitt, 2018). Marion will meet with other seniors in a similar situation to hers and will get an opportunity to make new friends

Time: The RN will escort Marion for two weeks (4 meetings). After this, the RN will leave Marion at the meetings, and by the end of the four weeks, Marion should have made a connection or bonded with at least two other seniors.

Scenario C

Specific: Reduce his living costs and start selling his skills online as a consultant.

Measurable: David will need to reduce his living costs while he looks at self-employment as an alternative way of gaining financial stability. He can move to a smaller apartment to reduce his living costs. Also, he will sell his ten years’ worth of experience as a consultant and source customers online.

Attainable: Madison has a unique advantage because he has ten years of experience, which he can use to teach others and make money while at it. Also, Madison can look at the apartment listings and select one that he can comfortably afford as he sets up his online business.

Realistic: Following the COVID-19 pandemic measures, such as the nationwide lockdowns, more people switched to online spending. Additionally, learning shifted to online classes as it became apparent that it was possible to continue with one’s education while at home. In the same way, people with more time on their hands and in need of learning new skills that they can later monetize would look for online courses and consultants to teach these new skills (Fletcher & Griffiths, 2020). Madison is well placed to take advantage of this new wave of interest and market his consultancy services and skills transfer services via online platforms.

Time: Madison will need to look for an apartment and move out within four weeks. As he looks for the apartment, he will at the same time set up his online services via already-established websites that market services. Advertising his consultancy services should not take him more than a day. For the remainder of the four weeks, Madison will work on setting up his own website and link the same to online traffic boosters such as Google AdSense, among others. Therefore, at the end of one month, Madison should have a new, smaller, and affordable apartment, running a website that showcases his skills and consultancy services, and have advertisements running on other established websites, thus ensuring that his services reach customers via multiple streams.


Fletcher, G., & Griffiths, M. (2020). Digital transformation during a lockdown. International Journal of Information Management55, 102185.

Jain, S. H., & Samitt, C. (2018). The Growing Imperative to Address Senior Loneliness. NEJM Catalyst4(1).

Rigoni, M., Blevins, L. Z., Rettew, D. C., & Kasehagen, L. (2020). Symptom level associations between attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder and school performance. Clinical pediatrics59(9-10), 874-884.


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Module 03 Course Project-Professional Toolkit Measure of Success

Measure of Success

Professional Toolkit Measure of Success

Professional Toolkit Measure of Success

Purpose of Assignment: This reviews the SMART goals model and challenges students to apply their knowledge by creating SMART goal scenarios and responses.

Transferable skill: Digital Fluency

  • Effectively employing and understanding digital tools to express ideas in appropriate contexts. In the human services field, digital fluency manifests through mastery of apps and software that can help a worker organize data, locates services and track client progress.


You now have an opportunity to demonstrate your knowledge of the SMART goals model. Respond to the following scenarios and include the following in your submission:

  • Write a goal for each scenario.
  • Using each part of the SMART goal acronym explain how the goals you have established for the client to fit the SMART model.
  • Use clear and concise grammar.

Scenario A:

Sally is ten years old and has outbursts at school that include verbal aggression towards teachers and the destruction of physical property. This behavior occurs daily.

Scenario B:

Marion is 50 years old and is socially isolated. She does not work and rarely interacts with other people. She feels lonely.

Scenario C:

David is 40 years old and recently divorced. Three weeks ago, he was laid off from his job of ten years. He is looking for work and struggling financially.

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