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Professional Collaboration

Professional Collaboration

One of the most essential elements of a successful organization is effective collaboration. Essentially, collaboration means cooperating or working together, which can take place anywhere, for example, between two classmates, in a family, between friends, or in a professional capacity between employees of a company. Two primary skills are required for effective professional collaboration. The first skill is brainstorming (Gerber, 2009); through this, individuals in professional settings source ideas from different people, as people have different types of knowledge and experience. In addition, brainstorming brings about teamwork, which is one of the critical factors of a successful organization. The second professional collaboration skill is effective communication (Little, 2007). While working as a group, there must be clear and compelling communication among the members so that everyone can understand their role. Also, all the relevant information, like new ideas or any questions, is shared.

My philosophy on professional collaboration is that there must be honesty among the members for the collaboration to be effective. For instance, if one member feels that another member’s work is not up to par, they should be able to tell them. Another example is if one member dominates the projects that others can’t contribute to, there should be a safe environment built on honesty and trust to express such frustrations.

When it comes to ethics and collaboration, I would be flexible only in matters that do not go against the code of conduct or somewhat matters that are ethical responsibilities. Nevertheless, the situation changes when the said matter becomes an ethical responsibility. Collaboration skill is teamwork. I enjoy working in a team of diverse individuals and experiencing all the different perspectives and abilities that people have. This motivates me to show up as my best self and do a great job.

Further, one area I need to work on when it comes to collaboration is effective communication. Even though I am a good listener, I am not very good at speaking up, and I feel this can interfere with work. Therefore, I need to work on my communication skills.

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Read Chapter 5: Professional Collaboration and Ethics
Read the webpage Focus on Ethics: Ethical Issues—Responsibilities and Dilemmas (Links to an external site.)
Read the webpage Collaboration Skills: Definition and Examples (Links to an external site.).

Professional Collaboration

Professional Collaboration

In your initial post,

Describe critical skills for professional collaboration.
Explain your philosophy on professional collaboration.
Explain how ethics comes into play in collaboration. Where are you willing to be flexible and not willing as a helping professional who supports children and families?
Describe your highest-scoring collaboration skill and share your techniques for success.
Describe one area for growth and the skill(s) you would like to learn to be a more vital collaborator in this area.

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