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Products and Brands

Products and Brands

Sample Answer 

Products and Brands


Coca-Cola classic happens to be one of the major stables in the United States culture. Pepsi Company is the number one competitor for Coca-Cola. Sprite is one of the products of Coca-Cola. On the other hand, Pepsi tends to offer a “knockoff” Sprite known as Sierra Mist. In my opinion, it is much sweeter as compared to Sprite. Another competitor is Fanta, which offers a variety of fruit sodas, while Coca-Cola does not offer a variety of fruit sodas apart from cherry coke. Coca-Cola is caffeine-free, which makes it a positive tool for marketing. “Taste the Feeling” is Coca-Cola’s slogan, which gives percussion and enhances the clientele’s curiosity. Coca-Cola is superior to the competition in terms of both quality and taste.


My choice is McDonald’s because it makes one think of a dollar menu. One tends to think of the great deals they can get. Also, Mcdonalds’ have toys that attract kids depicted on their menu. The red color triggers hunger, appetite, and stimulation, and it attracts people’s attention. Yellow, on the other hand, triggers friendliness and happiness. The combination of the two colors is about quickness and speed. In daylight, yellow is the most visible color, which is why the letter M is seen from a distance, which is a brilliant marketing strategy to attract consumers. When taking a stroll with my colleagues, we saw the big M in yellow when we were trying to figure out where to eat. As a matter of fact, the language of color tends to be communicated quicker compared to shapes and words since they trigger emotions and feelings directly.


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Marketing Essay

Products and Brands

Part 1

Consider the following products: Coca-Cola Classic, Apple iPhone, Nike basketball shoes, and Loreal Shampoo.

Products and Brands

Products and Brands

Products offered by a business can be actual goods, services, and ideas.

  • Pick one of the products above, identify two competitors, and what they offer that competes with your product.
  • For your product, describe the unique selling proposition. How is this product superior to the competitors you identified above?

Part 2

Consider the following brands: McDonalds, Cadillac, and WalMart.

  • When you think of a brand, it makes you think and feel a certain way. Those images are carefully crafted by Brand Managers. So, for this discussion, choose one of the brands listed here and discuss what words, feelings and images immediately come to mind when you hear the brand name or see the brand logo.
  • Then discuss how the marketers have created these ‘feelings’ and thoughts for consumers and why you think they created them.

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