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Prioritizing Space Allocation of a Division II College Athletic Facility

Prioritizing Space Allocation of a Division II College Athletic Facility

Money is the most concern for any business, especially sports. Allocating space for a Division II college athletic facility is an important decision that involves spending money. Division II is smaller and has less number of fans compared to Division I. However, Division II generates less revenue. This means allocating space for Division II college is a challenge. Because there is no specific location for this study, and there is no budget assigned, I would propose an allocation of a Division II college athletic facility.

As I have BA in Physical Education, I will put the physical education department a priority. Because it is a Division II college, athletes are not as professional as Division I athletes. Therefore, PE classes get priority. College athletic programs come second. However, this program is very important for Division II colleges. From my understanding, Division II athletes should take the opportunity to improve and refine their skills before they move to Division I. Therefore, space allocation is important for them. Their practices and exercise should not be delayed or affected by any other thing, such as lacking of space or staff. Division II College is a good station that allows athletes to find their future sports pathway before moving to Division I.

The REC program is not seriously in need of permanent space. As is known, most of the Division II colleges are facing financial issues. This means any REC program could be cut at any time. For instance, few of the country’s larger universities have been forced to cut entire sports teams; nearly every NCAA Division I athletic program is seeking ways to reduce expenditures.

Therefore, REC programs and summer camps department are not permanent or consistent. The REC program can share a location with the PE department, and they can use classes and offices after 2:00 PM. On the other hand, summer comps also can use the classes and the offices in the summertime when students or off school. This will allow the school to save more money and cut additional expenses.


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Prioritizing Space Allocation of a Division II College Athletic Facility

Prioritizing Space Allocation of a Division II College Athletic Facility

in 250-300 words, answer the following with references. Explain how you would prioritize the space allocation of a Division II  college athletic facility that houses a physical education department, a  college athletic program, a campus recreation program, and a summer camps department.

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