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Principles of Management

Principles of Management

Management abilities are applicable in both personal and professional lives. In one’s personal life, one can make decisions, think through each, evaluate barriers, and improve each consistently. Decision-making is inevitable because daily life involves multiple options. Therefore, possessing some managerial skills related to decision-making helps make effective choices. Organizational skills also affect one’s ethics. Learning the various theories that explain ethics opens one’s mind to personal evaluation. One constantly evaluates the choices they make daily and the actions they take part in. This constant evaluation investigates the observation of an individual’s ethical beliefs and principles (Singh, 2018).

In a professional position, the skills and knowledge obtained from the course are instrumental in various ways. First, one understands the aspects that affect the organization’s performance. The internal and external environments are critical to an entity. This applies to all sectors, including aviation. Understanding that these environmental factors can affect a business’s direction and an entity’s performance allows one to remain aware of these factors as an employee or manager. In addition, one can go through the change process with an appositive attitude. Understanding that change is not an easy process allows employees and managers to approach the process with a positive attitude. The managers in the valuation sector are also able to take their employees through the change process successfully.

The knowledge significantly improves communication with colleagues within an organization. Lack of effective communication affects multiple organizations negatively. Worse, the lack of improvement knowledge tends to affect the aura of an entity as employees feel lost. Motivation is critical in an organization. Understanding boosting motivation is an essential managerial skill because entities can have their employees improve their commitment significantly (OpenStax, 2019).


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Principles of Management

Principles of Management

In 2-3 paragraphs, respond to the following. Your initial post should be substantive and be supported by course concepts. Read and respectfully reply to your classmates’ posts to create dialogue and further learning.
How can the concepts learned in this course help you succeed in your personal and professional life? Be specific.

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