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Preparing a resume

Preparing a resume

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July 10, 2021


Dear Hiring Manager,

I am excited to apply for the Nurse Manager position at Centurion Medical. As someone passionate about general health care and nursing, I believe this is the perfect opportunity for me. I have extensive nursing experience and am ready to use that experience in a management-level position. I have worked on every floor of the hospital and have successfully taken on leadership roles each time. I believe my experience, flexibility, and leadership skills are the perfect combination for the position of Nurse Manager.

At my previous hospital, I was able to take on some administrative responsibilities, and I helped revolutionize our scheduling practices. Our employee satisfaction rates rose by 70%, which also helped our customer satisfaction to grow. I enjoy solving problems and leading others to assist so everyone feels their voices are heard.

On top of my administrative role, I have been a shift lead and have filled in for our Nurse Managers at different times. In addition, I have been a nurse for over five years and have gained experience and knowledge that only time can provide. These skills and experiences have made me the perfect candidate for this position, and I am ready for this new challenge.

Thank you for your time and for considering me for the position of Nurse Manager at Centurion Medical. I look forward to hearing more about this position and meeting you in person to share why I would be the perfect fit for this job. I will continue my commitment to learning and growing as a nurse and a leader, and I look forward to using those skills for Centurion Medical.



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Committed and responsible Clinical Nurse Manager with 10+ years of professional experience. Specialized in implementing RN-specific duties and oversight and streamlining of administrative functions. Eager to join Beth Israel Medical Center to support scheduling, directing, and executing the daily tasks of assigned departments. In previous roles, I improved patient satisfaction scores by 40% and maintained employee turnover by <2%.

Work Experience

Nurse Manager
Coler-Goldwater Hospital, New York City, NY


  • She supervised 15+ clinical staff members involved in various clinical operations such as Case Management, Disease Management, and Utilization Management.
  • Hired, trained, conducted performance reviews, and ensured staff met and exceeded goals and initiatives.
  • They offered professional guidance, supervision, and leadership to staff.
  • She devised, evaluated, implemented, and streamlined protocols and standards of assigned units.
  • She cooperated closely with doctors, FNPs, and other specialists.

Key achievements:

  • Maintained a staff turnover rate below 2%.
  • Achieved an 80% increase in Telemetry certification of staff nurses within eight months.
  • She devised and implemented cost containment and marketing plans that increased margins from -15% to +45% in 8 months.

Assistant Nurse Manager

Deus Irae Medical Center, New York, NY


  • I managed the delivery of nursing services and patient care to meet quality, clinical, and utilization standards and performance measures.
  • Ensured patient care and quality standards were met and complied with federal, state, and local regulatory requirements and established departmental policies.
  • Supervised day-to-day activities of the unit, incl. monitoring quality of service and utilization standards, managing shift activities, and delivering patient care.
  • It was developed and implemented action plans to improve staff development and the delivery of patient care.
  • Coordinated plans of treatment, customer-focused care, and cost-effective utilization of services.

Key Achievement:

  • It has improved patient satisfaction scores by over 40% through staff development and care team improvements.


Bachelor of Science, Nursing

Adelphi University, New York, NY


Associate of Science, Nursing

University at Buffalo, New York, NY


Licenses and Certifications

  • Registered Nurse—Licence #9264920
  • ACLS
  • CNML
  • CENA
  • CPR
  • CCM
  • CDE
  • MCG


  • Leadership skills
  • Admitting and discharging
  • Meditech documentation
  • Patient/family education
  • Knowledge of managed care program policies and procedures
  • Knowledge of managed care and the insurance industry
  • Verbal, written, and interpersonal communication skills
  • PC proficiency (MS Office, Apple iWork)
  • Analytical skills and sound clinical judgment
  • Nursing Practice Act, JCAHO


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Prompt: Prepare a resume

Preparing a resume

Preparing a resume


In Discussion 2, you reviewed the types of resumes (functional, chronological, or a combination).

Develop a resume you would use to apply for a job or a promotion and submit it as Assignment 3. Once reviewed by the Instructor, upload the file to your portfolio within our course together.

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