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PowerSkills PRO™ Review

PowerSkills PRO™ Review

Comparing the PowerSkills PRO Results and Identifying Areas for Growth

My personal and business interactions create opportunities to develop interpersonal, leadership, and management skills. I have identified different growth areas based on my previous and current results of the PowerSkills PRO™ assessment. One of the areas is decision-making. My score in decision-making skills has increased from 75% to 88%, indicating a growth in the area. The second area is self-management. The previous score in this area was 60%, and the current score is 73%, indicating a slight growth in management skills. The third area is problem-solving. The initial score in the problem-solving skills assessment was 88%, and the current score is 100%. The high score indicates significant growth in problem-solving skills, including recognizing, evaluating, and resolving problems. The results of the new PowerSkills PRO™ assessment suggest that I should work on developing my judgment and collaboration skills. I will work on these areas by joining teams within my organization and participating in community programs that encourage teamwork, such as food drives.

Using These Skills in My Current Position

The skills reviewed in the assessment are vital in establishing and sustaining relationships within my current position. Therefore, I will apply them in different contexts within the company. For example, I will apply decision-making skills to identify the opportunities I can leverage within the organization to improve my performance and advance my career. Decision-making skills are also important in my current position because I need to decide on the timeframe needed to complete assigned tasks and the best approach to complete the tasks within the required performance expectations. I can also use decision-making skills to propose ideas that the organization should consider to improve performance. Self-management is also vital in my current position because it will help me align my personal and organizational goals. Therefore, I can choose the right employee training and development programs to help me meet these goals and improve my value to the organization and the job market. I can also use self-management to ethically complete assigned tasks and ensure that I observe the organization’s policies and procedures. Problem-solving is also important in my current position because my assigned tasks require solving problems to improve the organization’s performance. Therefore, I can use problem-solving skills to understand the problem and design effective resolution approaches.

Leveraging These Skills into Additional Career Opportunities

CareerBuilder (2021) states that soft skills are essential in distinguishing job applicants. Decision-making, problem-solving, and self-management skills are important soft skills I can leverage into additional career opportunities. For instance, I can leverage decision-making skills into career opportunities in leadership and management. Organizations looking for leaders and managers are focusing on hiring individuals with good decision-making skills that can be used to improve employee productivity and organizational performance. Therefore, I can use my decision-making skills to distinguish myself from applicants in the leadership and management job market. I can leverage problem-solving skills into career opportunities in project management. Problem-solving is essential in project management because of the high likelihood of internal and external problems in projects. Therefore, I can apply project management skills to effectively resolve problems and guarantee project success, thus distinguishing myself as a good project manager. Lastly, self-management skills can be leveraged into entrepreneurship. Self-management is vital in entrepreneurship because it enables entrepreneurs to maintain discipline, thus enhancing the success of their businesses. Self-management is also vital in upholding ethical business practices in entrepreneurship to maintain a good relationship with customers and the community.


CareerBuilder. (2021). Everything You Need To Know About Soft Skills.


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Read the following article: Everything You Need To Know About Soft Skills (2021, Feb 9;

Reflect on your PowerSkills PRO™ results. Discuss your learning by thinking about the following questions and writing your observations in a 400 – 500 word, double-spaced essay:

PowerSkills PRO™ Review

PowerSkills PRO™ Review

Comparing your results to when you first completed the PowerSkills PRO™ assessment, in what areas do you see growth?

How can you use these skills in your current position?

How can you leverage these skills into additional career opportunities?

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