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Policy Advocacy and Nursing Leadership

Policy Advocacy and Nursing Leadership

I recently took part in a project that focused on the role of nurses in policy advocacy with reference to the American Nurses Association (ANA) and nursing shortage as a policy challenge. I gained new insights on how nurses are important in the health-related legislative process. I learned much about how the ANA employs legislative and non-legislative strategies to inform and lobby legislators regarding policy challenges. One of the key points I learned is that, due to their role in patient care, nurses have a unique perspective on health and healthcare that can inform and guide the health policymaking process. Nurses are frontline care providers and fully understand the challenges within the healthcare system. In addition, as frontline healthcare workers who understand the current challenges, they have a better understanding of the healthcare system and can easily identify opportunities to improve the efficiency of the healthcare system.

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Additionally, nurses are directly involved in data collected from their practice settings which adds to their unique perspective on the healthcare system. Therefore, nurses can provide legislators with data-driven insights on what can improve the nursing profession, practice, and patient care. It is important to tap into the potential of nurses in informing the policy process, which is the state of nursing leadership. Nursing leadership experience from reviewing the role of ANA in policy advocacy and lobbying can be considered essential as it helps nurses understand the concepts of policy, politics, and power and how they influence policymaking (Disch, 2020). Proactive participation of nursing leaders and related nursing associations, such as the ANA, in advocacy and lobbying politicians other policy members, and influencers can ensure that nurses’ unique views and voices are considered in all health policy decisions.


Disch, J. (2020). Nursing leadership in policy formation. In Nursing Forum Vol. 55, No. 1, pp. 4-10.


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Discussion Prompt

Critique key points you have learned about policy and nursing leadership as a result of your project.

Policy Advocacy and Nursing Leadership

Policy Advocacy and Nursing Leadership

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