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Policing In America

Policing In America

Policing In America

The modern concept of policing is traced back to the 1829 London police by Robert Peel. Peel felt that the law should be responsible for the prosecution phases, but the trial, conviction and punishment phases should be the responsibility of another party. Robert’s views approached community policing as one thing and the main goal of crime prevention in society. American history divides the policing periods into three eras, thus identifying the political era, the reform era and the community policing era.

Political Era

The political era- the political era of policing occurred from 1840 to 1930. It focused on establishing close ties between police and politicians as well as the first steps in creating a happy political ground. The political era emphasized the relationship between police and the communities they served on foot or patrol (Bayley, 2015). The politicians played a major part in enacting laws and discussing the police structure.


The poetical era facilitated the police structure through the legislation made in the state’s laws. The politician worked to reform and supports the police work. During the political system, the governments assumed the police structure as their security, thus facilitating the establishment of law enforcement agencies. The political era impacted the police methodology, thus ensuring the recourse of fair treatment of all security officers.


The political era engages so many politics with many opposing issues from various perspectives in the approaches used. The political era contributed to politicizing everything resulting in pressure on policing operations.

The community policing era.

The community policing era commenced in 1970 and is still used today by modern police services. The era focused on the partnership between policing and community members. Community policing and problem-solving approaches give the public an opportunity to work with the police in order to prevent crimes. Robert Peel’s idea of policing was effective and has seen various activities in ensuring that policing strategies work in society(Bayley, 2015).


Community policing has been effective in the US as it helps in protecting citizens in the state. The community form part of the police work, thus helping in reporting and ensuring continuity of community policing, thus ensuring an integral part of police work. The community policing era increased the community police partnership, thus increasing the confidence of society in police work.


Community policing has exhibited weakness as the community members turn into vigilante groups, thus leading to misuse of the community member’s discretion. Many feel that they are police officers and thus apply their force just like police officers.

Examine at least two (2) issues facing law enforcement today and explain the impact both of these issues have on society.

Advanced technology

Police work faces many challenges in adapting to the changing internet crimes and cyber terrorism. Technology has allowed offenders with grounds that they commit many crimes that, in their form complex beyond what the police can deal with. Technology has eased the cyber terrorism that remains a serious concern in the fight against social disorder in society. Technology leads to the production of weapons of mass destruction which remains thereat to police work (Alpert, Dunham, & Stroshine, 2014).

Rise of radicalization

Religious groups have turned to training places for most terrors in the world, thus resulting in the formation of radicalized groups that remain a threat to the police service. Society faces terrorist activities, thus suffering to greater extents in responding to crimes. Society also views police as enemies, thus making many eras from reporting the crimes and remaining to letting many crimes go unreported.

These factors have negative impacts on social order because most crimes go unreported, and thus, opportunities for offences are created. The control of offences is necessary to ensure community order (Coase, 2013). In ensuring the community remains safe, society has to struggle with the approaches to maintain law and order in society.

Take a position on where law enforcement is headed in the next five (5). Discuss what you believe the future of policing looks like and the main challenges you think law enforcement will face.

The future of policing is advancing and promising in ensuring safety and security within society. The policing work is to advance with improving technology that has to ensure the police service focus of control. The rate at which the society faces challenges improves the police work,, thus advancing the police work. Some of the possible challenges in police work would be terrorism, technological challenges, political pressures and emergent organized crime groups across the world (Bayley, 2015). The police service has to advance to deal with the production of weapons of mass destruction and continued gaps of radicalization in the world.

Describe the role of the public in cooperation with the police, as you see it, in the near future in order to improve the relationship between these groups and to optimally work together in facing the future challenges you.

Public cooperation with the police unit would be useful in improving police work. Society has to look at the approaches in making possible steps to eliminate crimes. Society competes in reporting crimes and controlling crimes in society, thus improving police work (Coase, 2013). In community policing, the future of police work is improving as the community works together with the police to eliminate all crimes. Society would be successful in controlling crimes in the society.

Community work enables teamwork which ensures the policing approaches are affected in society.


Bayley, D. H. (2015). Police and political development in India. Princeton University Press.

Alpert, G. P., Dunham, R. G., & Stroshine, M. S. (2014). Policing: Continuity and change. Waveland Press.

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Policing in America

In this course, we have been learning about the different time periods of policing. Based on the current climate, there is a level of distrust today between the police and the public. Riots, marches, and protests in response to high-profile police shootings have eroded the relationships that were built through community policing. With the hopes of improving police efficiency and finding new approaches to working together with the public, we move into a new period of policing.

Policing In America

Policing In America

Using the Internet links provided this week and your textbook, look at the different periods of policing up to today. Based on the changing role and function of police officers over the years, address the questions below, ending with the current state of policing and how it is affected by technology.

Use the Policing in America Template [DOCX] in which you will:

  1. Examine different periods of policing and discuss their main strengths and weaknesses.
  2. Identify the period of policing that you believe has had the greatest impact, and justify why you feel that is.
  3. Explain how technology affects policing in today’s society, including both the pros and cons.

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