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  1. Planning for instruction is the decisions made around evaluating, organizing, and implementing instruction.
  2. Benefits of planning include gaining a sense of direction, collecting and preparing related instructional materials, and ensuring organization.
  3. Factors in instruction planning are materials, content, teacher’s behavior, instructional strategies, lesson structure, learning environment, duration, and lesson location.
  4. The characteristics of teachers that affect planning decisions are teaching philosophy, amount of teaching experience, and knowledge of content, among others.
  5. Background information about the curriculum is essential when planning for instruction.
  6. Teachers should know the standard common core curriculum, which provides teachers and parents with a common understanding of what students are expected to learn.
  7. The common core for English language arts and the common core for mathematics are designed to emphasize the conceptual organizing and understanding principles of learning.
  8. The 21st-century teacher skills are vital and enable students to succeed in the current competitive world as workers and citizens.
  9. The different types of planning that teachers should use are backward planning, unit planning, term, daily planning, and course planning (Burden and David 57).
  10. The linear-rational approach to planning entails sequential decisions on the goals formulation, valuation of students’ wants relative to the stated objective and goals, specification of objectives, evaluation of learners’ performance, and selection of strategies and learning activities related to the objectives.

The main takeaway from chapter three is the benefit of planning for instruction to a teacher. Planning is a critical phase in teaching because its primary goal is to ensure students learn (Burden and David 62). It assists teachers in arranging, creating, and organizing instructional activities, facilitating the learning process. Planning necessitates teachers to put numerous things into action. For instance, proper planning for instruction requires teachers to know a standard common core of curricula, such as national and state learning standards and state and local curriculum frameworks. Also, the types of planning are vital for teachers. Accordingly, I will ensure I properly plan for my instruction. I learned that teacher characteristics influence planning decisions. These characteristics include philosophy of teaching, knowledge of content, and amount of teaching experience. Generally, I have learned that planning is crucial to ensure the learning process is workable.

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Work Cited

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Identify and list 10 points that you found important in this chapter; your list of 10 ideas should be written in complete sentences and numbered from 1 to 10. These points should express ideas and thoughts that you have learned. Then, write a summary paragraph (8-10 sentences) explaining what you took away from this chapter that you feel will be the most useful for you in the classroom when working with young children. The book’s name is Methods for Effective Teaching. Paul Burden and David Bryd. 7th Edition.

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