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Placing Social Work Units in Schools

Placing Social Work Units in Schools

Locate Your Nearest Grade School

Rio Calaveras Elementary School

What is this School’s Enrollment Numbers

Rio Calaveras Elementary is a public school with a population of 828 students. The enrollment for minority students is 96%, and 75% for economically disadvantaged students.

What Financial Resources does this School have

Rio Calaveras Elementary gets part of its funding from the state through the Local Control Funding Formula, which focuses on providing funds to meet the education needs of students from low-income families. The school also funds its operations using the school fees paid by the student’s parents and guardians.

What Resources does this School District have available to them

Rio Calaveras can access various resources provided by the California Department of Education to all school districts. The resources include learning support, financial resources, and digital academic resources such as books.

How do they Help Students in Need?

Rio Calaveras helps students in need by collaborating with the counselors who act as the link between the students and the school’s administration.

How do they Help ESL Students?

Rio Calaveras helps ESL students by assigning them a bilingual aide who works with them in small group settings and focuses on helping them develop the language skills they need to succeed academically.

Can you find this School’s Policies?

Rio Calaveras’s school policies are categorized into safety, disaster preparedness, custody issues, child abuse and neglect reporting, employee-student interactions, and civility policies.

What is their Policy for Students Reporting Issues

Students at Rio Calaveras must report issues by informing the school principal or counselor.

What is their Policy for Involving Parents when there’s a Problem

Rio Calaveras prioritizes the safety and well-being of the students. Therefore, parents may be involved when the student is involved in cases of indiscipline or when there is a case of child abuse and neglect. The school’s policy for involving parents when there is a problem requires the teacher to notify the parent about the problem via telephone or email and arrange a meeting with them to discuss the issue.

In what Ways Could this School’s Policies be Changed to Better Address Problems Noted in the Chapter

According to Jansson (2019), the main problems in the American education sector include ethical issues in engaging in advocacy to promote economic justice, human rights, and ethical rights, quality education, culturally competent education, affordable and accessible education, care for students’ mental well-being, education relating to the student’s communities and preventing students’ educational and personal problems. Rio Calaveras’ policies can be changed to better address these problems by creating a policy that increases student participation when resolving an issue. For instance, the school can select a disciplinary committee to resolve issues within the school rather than involving parents when there is a problem to create a more conducive environment for the student.


Jansson, B. S. (2019). Social Welfare Policy and advocacy: Advancing Social Justice through eight policy sectors. SAGE Publications, Inc.


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Placing Social Work Units in Schools

Placing Social Work Units in Schools

A5 – Education
*Locate your nearest grade school (elementary, middle, high, or the whole district).
*What are this school’s enrollment numbers?
*What financial resources does this school have?
*What resources does this school district have available to them?
*How do they help students in need?
*How do they help ESL students?
*Can you find this school’s policies?
*What is their policy for students reporting issues?
*What is their policy for involving parents when there’s a problem?
*In what ways could this school’s policies be changed to better address problems noted in the chapter?
*If you’re having trouble answering any of these questions with the information you can find online, either choose another location or write a reflection paper on what this means.
*Cite your sources.

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