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How to Write a Philosophy Essay

philosophy essay

Philosophy is the process of creating and accessing statements. Philosophy papers involve exposition and evaluation. It is more of an overview of work done by professionals. When it comes to writing philosophical essays, one has to choose a thesis statement and argue for and against it. During writing, you should add your philosophical views.

How to write a good philosophy essay

The creation of an outline before writing any piece of paper is of huge importance. Prior preparations for writing your paper include understanding the philosophical questions. Comprehension is important as points brought forward would be relevant.

During expounding the point, you should consider the audience. Think about your audience as people who are intrigued by the topic but have little information about it. Based on expounding points, it involves research. Having textual references that will be placed as citations in your paper is important.

Write your thesis statement as the last line of your introduction paragraph. During the writing of the introduction paragraph, ensure that it is captivating so that the audience entails that professors and other students are glued on. The thesis is more of a statement that talks about what your paper entails.

Support your points in the body with relevant data and information that is either in support or opposition. Categorize your points concerning strength. Reading loads of data that are relating to the topic of the thesis is what enables you to have plenty of points. Write until the word limit set for the paper is reached.

Do a conclusion that gives a clarifying view on what was conversed in the paper. After writing the paper, ensure that you proofread or get an extra set of eyes to assist you in gauging the paper.

How to write an A-level philosophy essay

Consider analyzing and viewing the common themes that appear in the syllabus. Having a clear-cut understanding of how the structure is similar for all topics. Know key philosophers, vocabularies used in the philosophy, the arguments that are present, the criticisms, and the citations.

If you do not comprehend something, do not panic. Some people have to read more than three times to understand the basics of the philosophy. Read things a lot of times and ask teachers to get a better understanding.

Use the Standard Encyclopaedia of Philosophy (SEP) to get a better understanding of the topic being conversed. It is relatively better to read from the SEP rather than to read a book that is ages-old. You will get a better understanding and get a wonderful introduction.

The philosophical essay is more about providing an answer. Have a clear definition of important terms as the assumption is that the recipient reader of the paper is someone who has little to no knowledge of the said topic. If clarity is not present in your terms at the beginning of the paper, then you are placing yourself in the failure front seat at the end of the paper.

In philosophy, there is no right or wrong answer. When writing a philosophy paper it is necessary to look for cracks that are present in your argument. Argue with people closest to you to find the weaknesses and address them.

Arguments and examples that you offer in your paper should be those that interest you. Having interesting topics ensures that you have plenty of information on the said topic. Avoid using statements like, ‘I think’ and use words like, ‘on the other hand’. Mai’s reason for having the paper written in this form is to ensure that it does not sound like your opinion.

Compress the data gathered to save time as philosophy is very wide. Condense the material into one or two pages and throw in a couple of practice questions.

How to write a crap philosophy essay

Having a lengthy introduction makes it lack the catchy characteristic. There is no point in having an expounded introduction and in most cases it would be best for you to not think of your paper as having an introduction and it would be better to go straight to the point.

Long quotations as a result of paraphrasing, are not preferred in the writing of a good philosophical paper. Write an indirect speech of how the statement was placed word by word by the philosopher.

After arguing, it is based to give a definitive decision on where you stand. You should not sit on the fence. Keep in consideration that the professor and audience do not expect you to provide a solution to something debated over ages in three pages.

No writer you have been told to read the work done by them is foolish. Name-calling and cuteness are not accepted in the writing of a philosophical paper as it does not pave the way to good argumentation.

When presenting your arguments to the target audience, make sure you don’t raise any questions. When your argument revolves around another issue reasoning to stand your audience starts asking questions about whether the conclusion is right.

It is not right to propose that your conclusion is the only true claim. It will not be taken lightly when you argue that your opponents’ propositions are wrong. Every argument should be put into consideration. Do not try to up-sell yourself.

Philosophy essay structure

Like many other essays, a philosophy paper is constituted of the introduction, body, and conclusion. Sticking to the structure that is traditional and used by many writers greatly reduces your workforce and stress in expressing the philosophical paper.


It is advisable to write an introduction after writing the body. This is because it will assist you to have a better understanding of what you are writing about. The last sentence in your introduction is your thesis statement. Give clarity on the question that is to be answered. Tell your reader what you are about to talk about and notice there is a difference between that and what you are going to argue about.


Writing the body is more of an expression of the argumentative phase of the paper. Provide your points, the supportive and opposing ones.

How to write a conclusion in a philosophy essay?

If you get a qualified conclusion, there is nothing wrong with following through and supporting it. Find a nice way to wrap the paper up, nobody expects you to summarize the whole paper in the conclusion.

Thesis statement in a philosophy essay

What is a thesis in an essay?

Generation of a thesis statement can fall into different categories for example when a topic is assigned, when the topic is not assigned, and how to tell a strong thesis statement from a weak one.

Another factor to consider is the kind of paper, you are writing.

  1. Analytical paper
  2. Expository/ explanatory paper
  3. Argumentative paper

In the creation of a thesis statement, ensure that it is precisely on point and does a clear overview of what you only talk about in your paper

In case your topic changes when writing the paper, you should revise the thesis statement to reflect what is being conversed about in the paper.

Essay headings

Below are examples of headings that you can consider when writing your philosophical essay:

  1. Russian values
  2. The Beliefs of Dr. Martin Luther King Concerning Justice
  3. Mahatma Gandhi’s racial allegations
  4. Black Jews
  5. Existence and nature of God
  6. Pragmatism of philosophical ideas
  7. The ability of humans to have free will vs. the determinism present
  8. Comparison between Aristotle’s and Socrates’ views
  9. Philosophers’ view on a happy life and the modern perspective
  10. What justifies your existence
  11. Is solving climate problems a moral obligation?
  12. Comparison between language and thought
  13. Is any knowledge gathered or to be certain?
  14. What moral reasons can justify going to war?
  15. Is it our role to preserve the environment and to what extent?
  16. Ethics relation to good standards
  17. How does politics fit in with the enlightment?
  18. A case study on Peace
  19. Do plays meant for children contain lessons?
  20. How do humility and respect assist you in getting along with others?


You should write a philosophy essay in the aspect of not criticizing the philosopher’s beliefs and ideologies which are philosophy synonyms. When you are writing the essay, you should consider that you are writing an overview of the work done by the philosopher. Follow the procedures that you have been provided with above and use the examples of the topic provided to achieve the writing of a good philosophical essay.

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