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Personnel Issues and Practices – Stress

Personnel Issues and Practices – Stress

To prevent and manage stress in police officers, two main methods can be used. One is engaging support systems while the other is exercising regularly. The officers would greatly benefit from these methods. In regular exercising, the officers would reduce certain chemicals in their bodies that lead to stress while support systems would help them overcome their personal issues (Clemow et al., 2018).

Regarding higher education, the main merit is that it helps individuals earn higher critical thinking abilities. The main demerit is that it is time-consuming as well as costly. In the case of police officers, it is important for them to be engaged in higher education learning as it will help them offer more knowledgeable services to society as well as be involved in solving solutions within the communities using their positions (Rogers & Frevel, 2018).

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Clemow, L. P., Pickering, T. G., Davidson, K. W., Schwartz, J. E., Williams, V. P., Shaffer, J. A., … & Gerin, W. (2018). Stress management in the workplace for employees with hypertension: a randomized controlled trial. Translational Behavioral Medicine.

Rogers, C., & Frevel, B. (2018). Introduction: Higher Police Education—An International Perspective. In Higher Education and Police (pp. 1-14). Springer, Cham.


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Personnel Issues and Practices - Stress

Personnel Issues and Practices – Stress

Please respond to the following:

This week, you have read about the factors that contribute to the high level of stress experienced by police officers. Identify two stress management and prevention strategies and examine the fundamental ways in which implementing your strategies will potentially lead to reduced stress.
As you reflect on the information discussed regarding higher education for police officers, consider the advantages and disadvantages of higher education requirements. Then choose a position for or against higher education. Justify your response.

Go to Police One’s website and read the article entitled, “Managing Police Stress to Strengthen Relationships at Home,” located at Be prepared to discuss.

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