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Personality Testing – The Big Five

Personality Testing – The Big Five 

The results of the personality were accurate in reflecting my personality. My highest score (92) was on factor IV, which is labeled as conscientiousness. Individuals who score high on this factor tend to be diligent and careful, spend time preparing, pay attention to detail, finish important tasks immediately, and enjoy having a set schedule (Gavrilescu & Vizireanu, 2018). My second score (88) was on factor V, labeled imagination or intellect, and is often considered openness to experience. Such individuals are very creative, open to new things and experiences, focus on tackling new challenges, and are also happy to think of abstract concepts. My third score (87) was on factor III, which is labeled agreeableness. People who score highly on this factor tend to be optimistic and friendly, feel empathy and show concern for others, have a great deal of interest in others, assist those in need, and enjoy helping and taking part in other people’s happiness (Cherry, 2018). My fourth score (26) was on factor II, labeled emotional stability or neuroticism. Given my low score, the test accurately reveals that I am emotionally stable, do not worry much, am very relaxed, rarely feel depressed or sad, and deal well with stress. Do you need help with your assignment ?

Lastly, my lowest score (9) was on factor I, which is labeled extraversion. Concerning the low score of extraversion, I prefer solitude, dislike small talk, carefully ponder things before speaking, feel tired whenever I socialize a lot, find it difficult to start conversations, and dislike being the center of attention.

The Big Five Factors and Personality Differences

Tests that demonstrate the Big Five Factors are a good way of examining personality differences. Such tests are considered highly universal and have biological origins, hence their ability to represent the most significant qualities that shape people’s social landscape (van der Linden et al., 2018). Given their biological origins, such tests can accurately assess personality differences.


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Based on the results of taking the Big File Inventory above, answer the following questions:
Do you think that the results of the personality test were accurate in reflecting your personality? Please explain with examples from the concepts of the Big Five Theory.

Personality Testing – The Big Five

Personality Testing – The Big Five

Do you think that tests such as this, which demonstrate the Big Five Factors, are a good way to examine personality differences? Please share details on your thoughts.
Be sure to provide the URL link(s) and/or title(s) to any resource used as a reference in your post.

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