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Personal Reflection- Relationship with Reading

Personal Reflection- Relationship with Reading

Throughout my life, I have had an interesting journey with reading comprehension. I struggled and disliked learning to read when I first started kindergarten. My reading experience has not been terrible, but most of it has not been great. The struggle started when I was still little and unfortunately continued to adulthood. Growing up, I did not see my siblings reading just for enjoyment; however, I occasionally saw my mother read the Bible because she was a church leader and therefore, she would prepare what to teach in the church. My brother only read when given an assignment at school. One day, my kindergarten teacher selected me to read the book “Green Eggs and Ham” by Dr. Suess. I faced many challenges pronouncing the words, and fellow learners would laugh at me. This affected my self-esteem; whenever the teacher asked me to read, I would panic and cry. Most students facing the challenge of reading suffer from self-esteem issues (Rasinski et al. 519).

However, when my parents learned about the struggle, they decided to transfer me to a private school for my elementary years, where the curriculum was more intense. The teacher motivated me to read at least one book a day, boosting my confidence in reading. I developed my passion and advanced my skills in reading. With time, I could pronounce words correctly, enhance my reading speed, and properly read any book.

My confidence in writing today has helped me navigate my college journey, especially when writing reports and assignments. Today I read both for pleasure and academic reasons. However, I read more for academic purposes, and what I love most about reading is that it allows me to visualize the author’s world and the message they are attempting to convey. Some books I have been reading recently include The Great Gatsby by Scott Fitzgerald and The Innovators Dilemma. As a literacy teacher, reading helps me keep improving my reading skills to date, and therefore I can transfer these skills to my students.

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Rasinski, Timothy V. “Readers who struggle: Why many struggles and a modest proposal for improving their reading.” The Reading Teacher 70.5 (2017): 519–524.


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Write a 1-2 page personal reflection that describes your relationship with reading. Tell me about the books that you read (or were read to you) as a child. Describe your development as a reader over time. Did you struggle at times or was this always a strength? just write something on the lines of I struggle with reading, and it was hard for me to comprehend. Tell me about your current status as a reader. Do you read for pleasure? Do you read more for professional or academic reasons? What was the last book that you read? How might your experiences (both positive & negative) impact your role as a literacy teacher?

Personal Reflection- Relationship with Reading

Personal Reflection- Relationship with Reading

This is a personal narrative, so feel free to use first person (I, me, my, etc…). Put together a simple title page (name, date, and course # are fine). The body should be 1-2 pages, typed, double spaced, using Times New Roman size 12 font.

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