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Personal Experiences

Personal Experiences

Teachers play a sensitive role in a student’s social and academic development. Unlike in the earlier days, teachers do not only conduct tests and deliver information to students but also shape a child’s future to make them better and more responsible people. A teacher, being a valuable asset to learners, provides them with knowledge on how to deal with daily challenges, teaches them the difference between right and wrong, and gives the students the knowledge of good and valuable traditions and values.

Subsequently, teachers are expected to possess some qualities to be effective in their work. Firstly, a teacher should treat all students equally without favoritism or discrimination based on race, tribe, level of performance, religion, or even economic status. Secondly, a teacher should always have patience with the students since they differ based on their skills, behavior, talent, and intellectual capabilities; therefore, it is important for the teacher to be understanding. Lastly, a teacher should possess skills in solving problems to help the students overcome challenges and difficulties (Nair).

Consistently, in education, teachers have responsibilities. These responsibilities include providing the student with career guidance and counseling. In the current times, students are presented with many career choices, making it more difficult to choose the best career. Therefore, a teacher becomes of so much help in guiding the students on their career path based on their skills, abilities, and talents. Additionally, teachers are responsible for being role models by being the kind of leaders they want their students to be in the future (Nair).

I have had positive and negative experiences with my teachers throughout my education journey. In most instances, the experiences were positive, but one stands out. In high school, one of my teachers helped build my confidence because she constantly reassured, understood, and gave us positive feedback without instilling any fear or intimidation. However, I have had one negative experience in pre-school where one of my teachers watched as the other kids ridiculed me after I gave the wrong answer; the experience really shuttered my self-esteem.

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As a student, you have had many personal experiences with teachers which have shaped you. Please share one positive and one negative experience with or from a teacher.

Personal Experiences

Personal Experiences

Your submission must be a minimum of one page in length. All papers should be typed in MS Word, 12-point font, and double-spaced.

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