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Personal Career Development

Personal Career Development

Two Descriptions I Most Identify With From the Career Development Stage

One of the descriptions I most identify with in the career development stages is growing. Over the past year, I have interacted with different people within my profession and volunteered in various projects within the community, which has given me a sense of my role in the world, the tasks I can complete, and the goals I need to accomplish to get where I want in my career. The second description that I most identify with is reinventing. I have been more focused on volunteering over the past year so that I can expand my social network and get access to new ideas that I can use for career growth.

Challenges in My Career Development

One of the challenges that I am facing in my career development is competition for opportunities that I can use to grow my career. According to Albert (2021), the global job market has become highly competitive because many people have access to quality education. Therefore, I must develop unique knowledge and skills to compete favorably for opportunities within my career. The second challenge is the difficulty of establishing a work-life balance. Pursuing career growth has made me spend most of my time on my career, thus lacking work-life balance. Haddock-Millar & Tom (2019) define work-life balance as the extent to which a person’s effectiveness and satisfaction in family and work roles are compatible with their life roles. Over the past year, I have spent most of my time working, and I rarely have time for friends and family as I focus on developing my career.

The Next Step in My Career Development

Globalization has led to the expansion of companies into different countries, thus creating opportunities for workers to travel to other countries for work and sometimes relocate to those countries (Devone, 2019). Therefore, the next step in my career development path is working for a multinational company as an expatriate in another country. I am looking for an opportunity to work in a country with a completely different culture, such as China, to gain new ideas and experiences that I can leverage to grow my career.

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Personal Career Development

Personal Career Development

Career development is a lifelong process in which we become aware of, interested in, knowledgeable about, and skilled in a career. In this Discussion Board, you are asked to share information about your current work life and what your career goal is upon earning your degree.
After reviewing the Career Development Stages Table Career Development Stages Table – Alternative Formats , which stage of career development do you feel you are in currently?
Provide the two descriptions you most identify with from your career development stage.
What challenges are you facing now in your career development?
Where are you headed next in your career development path?

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