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Performance-Driven Team

Performance-Driven Team

Performance-Driven Team

A performance-driven team consists of goal-oriented members who work in concert towards the achievement of the established goals. These team members display characteristics such as having specific goals, good communication skills, diverse and complementary skills, flexibility, perpetual learning, accountability, and prioritization of tasks (Schmutz et al., 2019). Specific goals entail establishing a common purpose. Each member understands the mission, vision, and core values of the organization. Furthermore, goals are specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, and time-bound (SMART) (Coleman et al., 2021). The focus of each team member is to achieve the goals.

Open and respectful communication among team members promotes cohesion. It ensures that the perspectives of all team members are considered and that they work towards the fulfillment of a specific goal (Coleman et al., 2021). Possession of complementary and diverse skills: technical, interpersonal, and problem-solving ensures that all aspects of the project are addressed (Coleman et al., 2021). Accountability promotes caution and accuracy in the execution of tasks. Each member is responsible for their action and understands how they affect team performance. Flexibility is a quality that requires team members to adjust to challenges. Challenges are inevitable in any teamwork project. The ability to adapt to the obstacles ensures that the team continues to perform optimally to achieve established goals and objectives (Coleman et al., 2021). Continuous learning enables the team members to improve, develop, and acquire new skills and knowledge. They also learn from mistakes or failures emanating from risk-taking.

According to Ryan and Deci (2020), external influences evoke extrinsic motivation. This can either be rewards or punishments. Individuals may fail to enjoy their work or find their work fulfilling but strive for the rewards that accompany it. It exemplifies operant conditioning (Ryan & Deci, 2020). An example is a sporting event where the participants compete for a trophy. On the other hand, innate rewards guide intrinsic motivation (Ryan & Deci, 2020). Individuals find a particular task to be naturally fulfilling, and they strive to accomplish it. When a person is intrinsically motivated, their actions generate positive emotions (Ryan & Deci, 2020). An example of intrinsic motivation is when a person engages in sporting activities because they consider them enjoyable.

Intrinsic and extrinsic motivation can apply to team performance. When team members rely on extrinsic motivation, the leader should adopt various measures to ensure that the goals and objectives are fulfilled. In this context, leaders should use reward systems, which can be monetary or non-monetary, such as praising the team (Ryan & Deci, 2020). These rewards should be availed strategically to ensure that the specific goals are met. This understanding will make the team members focus and avoid distractors that can reduce their productivity. When team members rely on intrinsic motivation, leaders should utilize positive feedback to motivate them (Ryan & Deci, 2020). The feedback should be specific and intentional. The leader should embrace positive criticism for subpar performance. Ultimately, this will make team members work towards achieving the set goals.


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Topic 3 DQ 2
Describe the characteristics of a performance-driven team.

Performance-Driven Team

Performance-Driven Team

Describe the difference between intrinsic and extrinsic motivation and explain why it is important to understand the types of motivation when it comes to team performance.

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