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Performance Appraisal Conversation

Performance Appraisal Conversation

Environment Description

The appraisal was conducted in a closed office. The doors to the room where the appraisal exercise occurred were closed to attain maximum focus. However, there was no requirement to put off the phones since one could refer to them anytime. The appraiser allowed me to offer my perspective by asking brief, open-ended questions.

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Usage of Appraisal Template

While assessing me, the manager used an appraisal form. An appraisal template form is a crucial document that managers use to evaluate employees. The document used included ratings and space for comments. I believe the space for comments was meant to help the manager record my strengths and weaknesses as identified during the assessment.

Communication Effectiveness of the Exchange

I would rate the appraisal effectiveness 5 out of 5. Firstly, the manager started by appreciating my work at the company. Also notable is that the assessment started with simple personal questions before progressing to high-level and complex questions. Besides, the manager set the agenda clearly; hence, my work was to offer my perspectives on the established agendas.

Recommendations Concerning the Communication during the Meeting

For an effective employee appraisal exercise to take place, an appraiser should offer specific examples that portray good work and areas that need improvement (Tool, 2012). That is because vague and generic criticisms cannot help employees improve themselves. Instead, genuine critical feedback accompanied by recommendations on how to improve performance comes in handy. Another vital undertaking is to figure out the steps to pursue after the assessment exercise. After the meeting with a manager, they should organize more meetings to review the progress and recommend action plans.


Tool, H. R. (2012). Performance management and appraisal. A Handbook.


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Performance Appraisal Conversation

Performance Appraisal Conversation

  1. Review the following: Performance Appraisal Scenario
  2. Consider the following template as a guide to having a performance appraisal conversation: Preparing the Appraisal Conversation.
  3. After reviewing the scenario and template, think about one of your past performance appraisal meetings and answer the following:
  4. Describe the environment (door closed; phones turned off), the tenor, the opportunity to respond, etc.
  5. Did your manager follow a prepared template?
  6. On a scale of 1 to 5 (5 being the highest), how would you rate the communication effectiveness of the exchange? Why?
  7. What could your manager have done differently? What would you suggest if you could make one recommendation regarding the communication during the meeting?

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