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Perceptions of Intimacy

Perceptions of Intimacy

Choose a famous politician, business leader, or celebrity recently accused of deviant sexual behaviour. Determine whether the behaviour involves illegal behaviour, unethical behaviour, or both.

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Robert Kelly, popularly known as R Kelly, is an American pop music artist who has been in the industry for over twenty years. Recently in 2018, some women came out to explain their sexual ordeals involving the famous artist. The women narrate how the singer forced them to perform obscene sexual acts against their will. In 2008, he was cleared of 14 charges of filming child pornography. R. Kelly’s actions go against societal norms and expectations of protecting children. Instead, he is responsible for causing them both mental and physical harm. According to the law, sexual harassment of any kind is illegal. It involves touching one inappropriately, having sex with someone without their consent, and even verbal sexual harassment. The person responsible for sexual harassment is eligible for punishment regardless of the victim’s age. In addition to sexual harassment, involving a minor in any sexual relations with or without their consent is considered illegal and is punishable by law (Mokoena, 2019).

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Perceptions of Intimacy

Please respond to the following:

Perceptions of Intimacy

Perceptions of Intimacy

  • Choose a famous politician, business leader, or celebrity who has been accused recently of deviant sexual behavior. Determine whether the behavior involves an illegal behavior, unethical behavior, or both. Explain his or her actions from the point of view of the violation of a social norm and identify the violated norm. Examine the factors that best explain how this person might be punished if the accusation is found to be true and illegal and he or she is convicted of the crime.

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