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Peer Responses – Compound Words

Peer Responses – Compound Words

Responding to Makenzie

Hello Makenzie,

This is a great post. I agree that compound words contain two words that have independent meanings, which combine an individual word that depicts its meaning. Students have a better potential to blend words, while some encounter challenges in segmenting compound words. Blending and segmenting compound words is a skill that requires phonemic awareness and letter sounds to distinguish the different words forming a compound word (Foorman et al., 2016). However, students have different capacities and skills in blending and segmenting. Hence, it is recommended to use differentiated instruction in class activities to respond to the needs of all students, which helps students utilize the most effective strategy to meet their academic needs and enhance educational development. Working with small groups is an effective strategy that supports interaction with peers, as students exchange ideas, which nourishes their knowledge capacity.


Foorman, B., Beyler, N., Borradaile, K., Coyne, M., Denton, C. A., Dimino, J., & Wissel, S. (2016). Foundational skills to support reading for understanding in kindergarten through 3rd grade. Educator’s Practice Guide. NCEE 2016-4008. What Works Clearinghouse.

Responding to Lauren

Hey Lauren,

This is an interesting post that I enjoyed reading. I admit that prior to the class activity and interacting with the video, almost every person understood the existence of compound words. Compound words can be blended or segmented. Blending compound words involves putting together two words together to form an independent word, such as “black” and “board” to form “blackboard.” On the other hand, segmenting compound words means splitting words in a compound phrase to get to meaning words, such as “toothbrush” to “tooth” and “brush.” Students have different skills and potentials. Hence, educators should use differentiated instruction and teaching methods to support a friendly learning environment for all students and achieve the same learning levels (Suprayogi et al., 2017). I also agree that blending is easier compared to segmenting compound words. Students should be well acquainted with letter sounds and phonics to blend and segment compound words more effectively. Students develop their knowledge in an interactive and friendly learning environment.


Suprayogi, M. N., Valcke, M., & Godwin, R. (2017). Teachers and their implementation of differentiated instruction in the classroom. Teaching and teacher education67, 291-301.


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Peer Responses - Compound Words

Peer Responses – Compound Words

Response to these two people’s discussion!


One thing I already knew about teaching compound words is that students have to put two words together that are spoken separately. For example, the word “toothbrush” is a combination of the words “tooth” and “brush.” Students are able to put two words together they already know to form one word.

The video stated that “the ability to blend and segment compound words is considered a precursor skill to phonemic awareness and letter sounds.” Phonological awareness instruction begins when children learn that compound words can be blended and segmented. The video then said that not all students need to learn this skill, and I did not know this because I assumed this was a skill all students need to learn. I thought it would benefit all students when learning to read and write.


Manage Discussion Entry

Hey Mackenzie! I am glad I was not the only one who did not know that not all students learn this!

I knew already that the ability to blend and segment words is considered a precursor skill to phonemic awareness and letter sounds. I also knew that having the students say the words separately and then blending them helped them realize what compound words were. I did not know that it would be harder for the students to separate already blended words.

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