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Peer Engagement in Doctoral Residency- Unveiling the Challenges and Insights of Doctoral Learners

Peer Engagement in Doctoral Residency- Unveiling the Challenges and Insights of Doctoral Learners

This course started my doctoral journey, a pursuit characterized by difficult academic challenges and growth opportunities. This reflective essay aims to illustrate how my interactions with classmates in the residency course have helped me understand the struggles of doctoral students from the beginning of this term to the end.

Interactions with Fellow Learners

The importance of the residency course is that it allows learners in similar educational paths to interact with each other. For example, discussions, group projects, and intellectual arguments helped me grasp complex doctorate-related cases. I also learned from these interactions that there are many ways one can look at something as simple as writing an essay. Another important point for me was a sense of belonging to a community when working with other students – without which this educational level is unattainable.

Understanding the Challenges

Besides, chatting with classmates enlightened me on several problems that postgraduates experience while pursuing their doctorate programs. These challenges cover areas such as time management, approaches to research, how to conduct literature reviews, or even scholarly writing intricacies such as using APA style for references. Henceforth, our cohort’s collective wisdom acted as the fundamental source to effectively countering these challenges. Acquiring knowledge about overcoming academic hurdles and acquiring skills needed for doctoral success is important.

Perceptions of the Doctoral Journey

As I proceed through this journey of being a PhD candidate, I picture a continuous learning and improvement path. Another thing that came out clearly from this residency course is that one needs to be disciplined and tough when it comes to dealing with academic pressures. In the future, I expect stronger engagement in relation to my research topic, which will mean more knowledge of theoretical frameworks and how they impact my area of study, information technology. This journey will be marked with experiences such as comprehensive exams, proposal development, and culminating in the dissertation. I am prepared to face all challenges, knowing that what I have gained so far is a good beginning.

Seeking Assistance and Collaboration

One does not seek assistance and work together with others as an option, but it is necessary when pursuing a doctorate. In case I experience any academic or research-based challenges, I will ask, via email, for instance, my teachers, mentors, and fellow students for help in advance. To navigate the intricacies of a doctoral program, I need to build strong support networks and develop meaningful associations with both faculty members and peers.

Thoughts for Improvements

Considering this course in DIT program Quarter 1 retrospectively, it has been intense and quite enlightening. However, there is a need to streamline some of the administrative processes involved in research proposal formulation. Moreover, time management should be taken more seriously at the initial stages of the program by having a more structured approach towards research planning for future success by those who opt to pursue a doctorate degree.


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Write a one-page reflection in which you consider your journey from the beginning of this term to the end.

Describe how your interactions with your fellow learners in the residency course you are taking simultaneously have helped you understand the challenges of being a doctoral learner.
Describe your perceptions of how the remainder of your doctoral journey will progress.

Peer Engagement in Doctoral Residency- Unveiling the Challenges and Insights of Doctoral Learners

Peer Engagement in Doctoral Residency- Unveiling the Challenges and Insights of Doctoral Learners

Explain how you might reach out to other learners or faculty for assistance when needed.
Finally, provide any thoughts on improvements to the Quarter 1 process in your DIT program.
Submission Requirements
Written communication: Write in a professional manner using current APA style and formatting with correct grammar, usage, and mechanics.
Resources: None required.
APA formatting: Format and cite any optional resources used according to current APA style and formatting.
Length: One typed, double-spaced page.
Font and font size: Times New Roman, 12 points.

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