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Pay and Gender

Pay and Gender

Pay and Gender

Part One: Analysis


Sarah is being paid less because the company has a policy of paying employees in a range based on previous pay. Besides, the organization does not do due diligence to determine whether an employee’s previous salary was discriminatory.


The EEOC Act prohibits job harassment and discrimination. It protects employees from retaliation if they complain about discrimination, participate in proceedings relating to discrimination, or reasonably oppose discrimination.

Ethical and Legal Obligations

Employers have a legal and ethical obligation to offer equal employment opportunities to all employees regardless of their gender and prevent the discrimination of employees in the hiring and compensation process.


I would recommend notifying new employees about the policy that requires the organization to pay employees in a range based on their previous salary before they start working for the organization so that they can decide whether they are ready to work for the organization under those terms or not. The policy should be outlined in the employee handbook for reference if new employees need clarification.

Policy Change

I recommend removing the policy because all organizations have different criteria for determining employee salaries. For instance, Sarah’s previous employer was paying employees less, and the new employer continued paying her less because the policy on maintaining an employee’s last pay had to be implemented.

Part Two: Training Plan


The training program will focus on familiarizing hiring managers and payroll specialists with employment laws prohibiting employee discrimination and their ethical obligations in designing fair compensation programs for all employees.


The training will be broad and cover all the essential things that payroll specialists and hiring managers need to know to prevent all forms of discrimination in the workplace. It will also cover ethical dilemmas they may face when deciding on employee compensation and hiring and how to avoid them.


  • Structure interview questions and brainstorm to determine whether the questions are discriminatory.
  • To respond to questions on scenarios portraying discriminatory practices by identifying the forms of discrimination in the systems and how to address them.

 Training Method

The training will include face-to-face and online training sessions. The trainer will send notes and PowerPoint presentations to all trainees via email as additional resources they can refer to and review to enhance the retention of what they are trained face to face.


Evaluation will be done by following Kirkpatrick’s levels of evaluation. According to Yardley & Dornan (2011), the classes include reaction, behavior, learning, and results. The response will be accessed by reviewing the trainees’ engagement during the training sessions. Subsequently, education will be evaluated by conducting a competency test to determine the new competencies developed during training. The behavior will be assessed by reviewing changes in the trainees’ dtrainees’tory practices. Results will be evaluated by examining the changes in complaints about discrimination in employee hiring and compensation.


Yardley, S., & Dornan, T. (2011). Kirkpatrick Kirkpatrick’s education ‘education’ Medical Education, 46(1), 97-106.


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For this assignment, you are the new Compliance Representative in the HR Department. Your primary goal is to ensure the organization complies with laws and regulations in all areas, including recruiting/hiring new people, employee safety, and fair labor practices for current employees. While you address compliance concerns in all departments, you report to the VP of Human Resources. Read the case study of Sarah Green and provide a two-part response to the VP of HR.

Pay and Gender

Pay and Gender

Part One: Read and analyze the scenario below. Write a report to the VP of HR summarizing the case and providing a clear argument that an EEOC act was violated—state which act applies to the point.
Part Two: Prepare an outline of a training session for hiring managers and the pay and benefits specialists to prevent a repeat of the situation.

Case Study
Sarah Green has been an accountant for 12 years. She worked in a small medical practice for two years after earning her BS in Accounting and then chose to work freelance for five years. For the past five years, she worked at a large firm, Stokely and Associates, where she brought in more new clients than 92% of her colleagues and received a higher satisfaction score from clients than 90% of her coworkers.

Sarah had to move to a new city to care for her sick mother. This meant finding a new accounting position. She was excited to be hired at the giant accounting firm Parker and Mendez Accounting, LLC. Unfortunately, she learned after four months that she was being paid less than her coworkers, who had equal or less experience than hers. When she asked the hiring manager about the discrepancy, she was told that the organization’s pay was in a range based on previous income. Given her successes and performance reviews, the hiring manager admitted being surprised that her last salary was below the expected range. Still, the policy is there for a reason, and making an exception defeats the policy’s policy. After researching her industry and old employer, Sarah learned that her previous employer regularly paid women less than men, even when the women had more experience or brought in more clients. This discriminatory practice impacted her current pay.

The report to the VP of HR should include two parts:

Part One
A summary of Sarah’s case, which of the EEOC acts the previous organization violated.
An explanation of the ethical and legal obligations of the current organization.
A proposed solution for Sarah.
A proposed change in policy for determining starting pay at the current organization.

Part Two
An outline of a training session for all hiring managers, benefits, and payroll specialists. Each section should be included and explained briefly but with enough detail that the decision-makers reading the report are fully informed and can approve the training.

Introduction: Provide an overview of the training. Example: Excellence in Interviewing is a two-week online training that introduces the best practices in interviewing.
Scope: State how broad or narrow the training focus will be.
Objectives: List what participants can do using “To + verb” and “statement.” Example: To roleplay an effective phone interview. To write three behavioral interview questions that assess the given criteria.
Training Method: Explain the format of the training. Online, face-to-face, blended, asynchronous in real-time, or both.
Evaluation using KKirkpatricKKirkpatrick’s level of KKirkpatricKKirkpatrick’s specific strategies for evaluating the proposed training.

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