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Patient Privacy and Security

Patient Privacy and Security

The healthcare system relies heavily on safeguarding patient privacy and confidentiality. According to the code of ethics for practice, protecting the personal information entrusted to medical practitioners is essential to the job. I would support patient privacy in practice as a manager at a healthcare facility by building procedures for policies and confidentiality agreements between clients and practitioners (Esmaeilzadeh, 2019). To further this, I would make the agreement rules available to patients and publish them regularly to demonstrate that the organization follows stringent confidentiality protocols.

Support the promotion of privacy protection by providing frequent training to practitioners and workers since people are more likely to follow the rules and procedures when they fully comprehend the purpose and significance of healthcare policies (Edemekong et al., 2021). Regular training seminars for all employees, from administrators to physicians and nurses, assist in underlining the need to maintain confidentiality and renew staff tasks and expectations. To get great outcomes, training sessions may be innovative and enjoyable. Noncompliance with these policies can lead to a lawsuit based on confidentiality laws, which can have significant implications, including criminal fines, damages, and penalties for the facility and the involved employee.


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Patient Privacy and Security

Patient Privacy and Security

Discussion 1: As a healthcare manager, how will you secure patient privacy and security? What are some consequences of not implementing privacy and security standards? Provide examples.

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