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Passion for Positive Change- Contribution to Waldens Vision

Passion for Positive Change- Contribution to Waldens Vision

Hello everyone. My name is Julia Kamer. I have always wanted to be a nurse from a young age. As I start my academic journey at Walden University, I know that this path is not only about personal growth but also about aligning my vision with the mission and vision of the University and the College of Nursing. I want to be a nurse who delivers excellent patient care and addresses healthcare problems in poor communities. This aligns perfectly with the College of Nursing’s mission, which is to transform nursing professionals into champions of change for improved health equity (Walden University, n.d.). These institutional principles are a road map that will lead me to my intended goals; they are more than just empty platitudes. They reassure me that my journey is personal and anchored in equality and the positive effects nursing can have on people and communities.

My academic and professional goals are well aligned with the underlying values and goals of the Walden MSN Program. The program’s focus on advocacy and leadership resonates with me because I have a goal to become a committed advocate for underprivileged areas. I will have the fundamental talents required to promote healthcare equity and strengthen my leadership potential, thanks to the MSN program (Walden University, n.d.). Patient advocacy is vital in the clinical setting because it focuses on healthcare resources, health conditions, patient needs, and the public. I am very passionate about ensuring that patients get the highest quality of care free from discomfort. I believe I will be equipped with the skills and knowledge to achieve this personal ambition at Walden University.

Building a supportive network of contacts and friends is similar to networking. It is essential to accomplishing my academic and professional objectives, and it perfectly embodies Walden University’s principles. Working with people with similar interests and objectives will allow me to develop innovative ideas and solutions that will advance my academic work and future (Walden University, n.d.). In school, I find the Sigma Global Nursing Excellence a perfect companion to support my efforts as a student. Sigma Global Nursing Excellence is an international nursing community that helps students with knowledge, service, scholarship, and learning to help improve the health of people (Sigma Global Nursing Excellence, 2023). I believe the American Nurses Association is the best organization for affiliation in my career and organization. American Nurses Association is an organization that aims to improve patient care by supporting people like me and organizations in the nursing profession in their advancement (American Association of Nursing, 2017).

Throughout my academic career, I intend to actively network by attending events, joining professional organizations, using online resources, looking for mentors, and working on projects with others. Networking is crucial for personal, academic, and professional growth and can contribute to achieving one’s identified goal (David et al., 2023). First, networking enables one to access various resources such as information, academic support, job opportunities, and research materials. As such, networking can help me encounter unique opportunities I may otherwise not have encountered. Knowledge sharing is achieved through networking, enabling one to learn from other people’s expertise and experiences. One can meet mentors and advisors who can support and guide their professional journey through networking (David et al., 2023).

Also, networking helps create a support system in the professional and academic world. Accordingly, networking will enable me to connect with individuals with whom we share common challenges and goals; hence, we can support each other emotionally when facing difficult times. Furthermore, David et al. (2023) add that networking gives one a platform to build a reputation within the professional and academic community, which may lead to increased influence.


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Post a brief introduction of yourself to your colleagues. Include an explanation as to how Walden’s vision, mission, goals, and social change initiatives relate to your professional and academic goals and to your becoming a scholar-practitioner.

Passion for Positive Change- Contribution to Waldens Vision

Passion for Positive Change- Contribution to Waldens Vision

Also, include an explanation for how the Walden MSN Program Outcomes and perspectives relate to your professional and academic goals and to your becoming a scholar-practitioner. Finally, explain why networking is important and how it may help you achieve your professional and academic goals.

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