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Pareto Efficiency

Pareto Efficiency

Pareto efficiency is a widely accepted economic concept that advocates for allocating resources so that no individual can be better off without making another individual worse off. Although this concept appears straightforward in theory, achieving it in practice can be challenging. This essay will explore the challenges of achieving Pareto efficiency and provide an example of access to medications in the United States in the healthcare system. Hire our assignment writing services in case your assignment is devastating you.

Why It Is Difficult To Achieve The Pareto Efficiency

Pareto efficiency is difficult to achieve in practice due to various factors. Information asymmetry, transaction costs, externalities, and public goods can contribute to inefficient resource allocation (Schneider, 2022). In cases where one party has more information than the other, negotiations may lead to an allocation that is not Pareto efficient. Enforcing contracts can also be expensive and lead to inefficient resource allocation. Externalities can negatively impact people not involved in the transaction, while public goods can be difficult to provide without charging people for them.

An example illustrating the challenges of achieving Pareto efficiency is the issue of medication access. Many individuals in the United States lack access to necessary medications due to their high cost. While drug companies argue that high prices are necessary to fund research and development, this can result in individuals being unable to afford life-saving medications (Hughes, 2020). This creates a situation where access to healthcare is not Pareto efficient, as some individuals cannot access necessary treatments while others may have more resources than they need.


Pareto efficiency is a desirable goal in economic theory that strives to ensure that resources are allocated efficiently. However, achieving Pareto efficiency in practice can be challenging due to various factors that hinder efficient resource allocation. The issue of access to medications in the United States exemplifies how the interests of drug companies can often conflict with the interests of patients, leading to a situation where access to healthcare is not Pareto efficient. Therefore, policymakers and healthcare leaders must address these challenges to achieve Pareto efficiency and ensure equitable access to healthcare for all.


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The Pareto efficiency is a simple idea, but it is difficult to achieve. Why is this?

Pareto Efficiency

Pareto Efficiency

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