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Parenting Styles

Parenting Styles

The four parenting styles are authoritative, authoritarian, permissive, and neglectful, based on demandingness and responsiveness. Authoritative parenting, also known as democratic parenting, is where the parents have high expectations for their children but are also warm and approachable. Additional characteristics of authoritative parenting are setting rules and enforcing boundaries by having open conversations, using reason, and providing guidance, and argumentative disciplinary methods that are negotiable, practical, outcome-oriented, and aimed at modifying behaviors. Further, communication is bidirectional; this is the most recommended parenting style. For instance, when a teenager skips school, the authoritative parent will talk to the child to determine the cause of this behavior, the appropriate punishment, and ways to uphold the rules about skipping school. We offer assignment help with high professionalism.

Secondly, the authoritarian style, also known as disciplinarian, is mainly attributed to high demandingness and low responsiveness. This means that there are high levels of parental dominance. It demands blind obedience, and only one way of communication is used to enforce rules and orders. It also uses harsh disciplinary approaches to achieve behavioral control. This style is not nurturing to children and often rationalizes the harsh treatment as tough love so that the children can also toughen up. Additionally, if a teenager were to skip school, the parent will impose a harsh punishment like taking away their allowance or grounding them for a month.

The permissive parenting style is attributed to indulgent behavior from the parent, meaning the parent has low demandingness and high responsiveness. Parents using this style have few to no rules and boundaries. Besides, they are hesitant to enforce the few rules they have set. Additionally, these parents tend to be very approachable and rarely say no to their children for fear of disappointing them. If a teenager skipped school and the parent used a permissive parenting style, the child would easily get away with the wrong behavior because the parent would probably try to understand and relate to their delinquent behavior when they were young.

Lastly, the neglectful parenting style, also known as uninvolved, is characterized by low demandingness and low responsiveness. Such parents tend to be uninterested in the needs of their children and detached from their lives. Suppose a parent uses neglectful parenting and their child skips school, and the school notifies them about it. In that case, the parent would not pay any attention to the behavior or take any action towards it.


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Identify and discuss the 4 different parenting styles. Provide examples for each parenting style.

Parenting Styles

Parenting Styles

Please Note: Answers should be written completely in your own words, not copied from the textbook or any other sources. Any question asking for examples must be original examples created by you, not examples from your textbook.

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