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Parenting Across Different Cultures

Parenting Across Different Cultures

Diversity is witnessed in parenting, where different communities have varying acceptable ways of raising their children. These sets of norms are acceptable mainly depending on the geographical placement of these communities. Those who live next to each other have almost the same sets of parenting guides and philosophies. In this case, most Westerners are bound to be less rigid in their parenting styles, unlike those in Asian and African countries (Jordan, 2000). However, the main divide is the differences in cultures among the communities across the world, hence the different parenting styles.

Despite the differences in parenting styles, there are examples of acceptable parenting styles across the globe, including a family that has culturally shifted from a more rigid to a less rigid community. In this case, a family from Asia to America would embody such parenting across cultures and would most likely use authoritative parenting. Despite the keen cultural conformity in Asia, like deep table etiquette and respect for the elderly, the parents will need to adopt less rigorous but at the same time effective parenting styles (Wang et al., 2021). This is the applicability of authoritative parenting, where the parents are supportive of the children but often keen to monitor unwanted behaviors and be sure to correct them.

This parenting style often fulfills the needs of the children through open and honest discussions, teaching them values and reasoning. Cultural worldviews, values, and practices often shape parenting styles by guiding the specific actions to be taken in each situation (Lansford et al., 2021). The cultural norms thus influence how children are raised, and these beliefs are inculcated into their children’s lives, hence shaping culturally appropriate behavior. As indicated above, despite the cultural differences, some parenting practices are acceptable across these divides and, therefore, can be used across different cultural communities.


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Please give an example of parenting across different cultural communities. How do cultural worldviews, practices, and values shape parenting styles?

Parenting Across Different Cultures

Parenting Across Different Cultures

Note: Read chapters 16-18 of the attached textbook. Thank you.

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