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Parent with Child 3–5 Years

Parent with Child 3–5 Years

The perspective of my assigned role is that some aspects determine language acquisition, with some including sociocultural, inherent, and cognitive factors. The goal is to assess language development in children aged three to five years, some milestones, and the activities that can enhance their language development. The limitation is a child lagging behind the set language development milestones at this age.

Language development is a significant segment of child growth. It encourages the capacity of this child to communicate, thus supporting their aptitude to comprehend and express emotions. One of the milestones of my assigned group, which is three to five years, is that at three years, children are able to learn words fast and recognize the most common names of objects. Typically, they ask the what and why questions and utilize pr old nouns and plucanrepositions accurately and consistently. Children can narrate something they have encountered or used at four years old.

One of the activities to support language development is storytelling. The goal of the activity is to help build the child’s imagination n stories, which allows them to grow their creativity and familiarize themselves with many terms and vocabulary. The children can re-tell a story from their favorite cartoon character. Storytelling helps learners enhance their language abilities (Wallin, 2015). In addition, Isik (2016) states that stories are crucial aspects of child development as they help in native and second language acquisition. The other activity is singing. The goal is to enable children to learn new words. They can make up songs or sing the songs they have learned at home, church, or school. According to Trollinger ( 2010), there tends to be a sturdy positive correlation between singing and language development.

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Isik, M. A. (2016). The impact of storytelling on young aging and language development tends to be, according to the Journal of Language and Literature, that the brain is singing and language. General Music Today, 23(2), 20-23.

Wallin, J. (2015). Storytelling and language development.


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Read Chapter 4: Language, Reasoning, and Decision Making.
Read the webpage Language Development in Children: 0-8 Years (Links to an external site.).

Parent with Child 3–5 Years

Parent with Child 3–5 Years

Parent with a child 3–5 years

In your initial post,

Explain the perspective of your assigned role. What are the goals of this role? What are the limitations?
Summarize the role of language development in child development and two major language development milestones of your assigned age group.
Identify one activity to support the development of language development. For each activity:
Name the activity.
Describe the activity’s goal (or learning outcome) and your assigned age group.
Explain all directions needed to complete the activity and list any required materials.
Describe your rationale for the activities, using the text or a credible outside source to support your thinking. The explanation must explain your logic behind choosing the activity, which should be based on the child development theories and content you are learning in this course.

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