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Oxygenation and Physiological Needs

Oxygenation and Physiological Needs

Nurses must prioritize the care services provided to their patients to help them achieve their health goals. Prioritizing patient care needs includes deciding on the components of care that are much needed and in what order to deliver them to ensure maximum patient recovery and patient safety.

Next Priority Need after Meeting Need for Oxygenation

The next priority after the patient’s oxygenation needs is to meet their other physiological needs. According to Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, physiological needs are the basic and essential needs necessary for the survival of an individual (Hopper, 2020). The fundamental needs are needed to achieve and maintain homeostasis. These needs are indispensable for the client to live and recover to good health. The next priority need is to meet the client’s needs to eat and feed. This priority need is important to nourish them and means providing needed foodstuffs and fluids for nutrition and dehydration.

How a Change in Health Status Would Affect Meeting the Basic Need to Eat and Feed

A change in the client’s physical and mental health status can increase or decrease their appetite, eating habits, and food preferences. A change in physical health status that inhibits the client’s functional abilities may affect the ability to eat and feed. This means that this basic priority need will not be met. Additionally, poor mental health is related to a lowered quality of diet and adverse eating habits (Teasdale et al., 2019).

Nursing Actions to Assist with This Change in Health

This change in the health of the client will require the adoption of actions for end-of-life care. The nursing actions that would help me support the patient after this change include supporting the client’s physical, psychological, social, and spiritual well-being. These include talking to the client to establish their care goals, communicating with the interprofessional care team on the client’s health status and desires, involving the client’s family in care plans, and making referrals for emotional and spiritual support.


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Think about the priorities inherent in the basic care and comfort needs of clients. After meeting the need for oxygenation, identify and briefly discuss the following:

Which need is the next priority for you

Oxygenation and Physiological Needs

Oxygenation and Physiological Needs

How a change in health status would affect meeting that basic need.
Discuss what actions a nurse could take to assist you with this change.
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