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Organizational Ethics in Healthcare

Organizational Ethics in Healthcare

Why is the concept of organizational ethics important to healthcare organizations?

Ethical values are the universal rules on how persons ought to conduct themselves and which provide a basis for the identification of the kinds of motives, intentions, and actions that are valued (Ostman et al., 2019).  Ethics can also be defined as the moral principles that act as a guide on how a group of persons or individuals should conduct themselves or behave. The focus of ethics is on the wrong and right actions and also includes the process of making decisions to determine the ultimate consequence of choosing the action to take (Trobed et al., 2015). In healthcare, ethics play an important role because staff has to recognize the dilemmas in healthcare, and make good decisions and judgments based on the values while simultaneously abiding by the laws that govern them. This allows healthcare workers to practice with integrity and competence (Epstein &Turner, 2015).

Who should set them?

National and international organizations set guidelines and codes of ethics for healthcare professionals. For example, the American Nurses Association has a code of ethics and guidelines for nurses. The International Council of Nurses also has a code of ethics for members. At a more local level, an organization should have its own organizational ethics, which all staff should be aware of and follow.

What’s your experience with organizational ethics?

At the organization where I work, there are several ethical standards that I and most staff follow. For example, one of the ethics sets is not sharing patient information and to maintain patient confidentiality. Discussing patients with unauthorized third parties or posting information on patients on social media is a breach of confidentiality that attracts hefty discipline on any staff.


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Organizational Ethics in Healthcare

Respond to the following in a minimum of 200 words:

  • Why is the concept of organizational ethics important to health care organizations?
  • Who should set them?
  • What’s your experience with organizational ethics?

    Organizational Ethics in Healthcare

    Organizational Ethics in Healthcare

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