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Organizational Change

 Organizational Change

Human Capital Management (HCM) is the comprehensive set of an organization’s practices for recruiting, managing, developing, and optimizing employees (as an intangible asset) to maximize their business value (“What is Human Capital Management? (HCM)”) n.d.). HCM provides an organization with administrative, strategic, and tactical support for the ultimate success of the organization. Within the last few months, my organization has launched the recruitment aspect of Ultimate, also known as Ulti-Pro. This software was launched earlier last year to introduce payroll and then benefits. The purpose of this platform is to ultimately have the entire organization encompassed under one system to intertwine all phases of Human Resource Management. The objective is to have one system where everyone in the organization lives and does not use other software.

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This organizational change has caused a shift in interactions between management and recruitment. Before Ulti-Pro, sending candidates and communicating status and updates on a potential candidate was done via email. As we all know, emails can get buried, and candidates will be sitting under review. Another issue with the recruitment department was that we did not formally have an application that provided a questionnaire for the applicant to complete outlining the duties, requirements, and certifications for the positions. We were not getting a pool of suitable candidates to pass over to the management team to interview. Managers could not log in to ZOHO or Indeed and source resumes. Now that we have the shift in platforms, it has caused management to be more involved with the recruitment process of potential candidates. Management can log in to Ulti- pro and disposition candidates through the system. Also, they are ready to leave ratings and notes for each candidate they would like to interview or pass on.

The recruitment said it has allowed us to create reports on the recruitment process of each candidate and see how many people were hired within the last month. And review errors. In addition, we can hire candidates for a seat once an offer has been made. Before that, we would go by email to determine who was hired or not. We are also able to add questions to the applications that are specific to each vacancy. It allows us to filter resumes that are a good fit or not. Whereas an application was generic and did not tailor to the fit of the position the candidate is applying to.

The struggle we as a recruitment team have experienced in these few months is management converting to this system and accepting that this is the new way of applying and hiring staff. We no longer take paper applications. It is a constant reminder to the field that we must send a link for the candidates to apply. On the other hand, I   understand from the management view. Most managers are out on the field and do not have the time to play with the system, whereas others are not tech-savvy. Unfortunately, the system is in place, and we have to push them to accept the change and help them along the way if they are struggling.

The primary goal of change management is to successfully implement new processes, products, and business strategies while minimizing adverse outcomes (SHRM,n.d.). By doing this, we are the point of contact for the hiring managers for questions and concerns, explain the system, and how to manoeuvre. People are resistant to change and content with old systems.

However, for an organization to expand, as an HR rep, implementing a process to help with the shift can make the process much easier to grasp.

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All organizations go through change. Why is change an essential part of an organization, and why do you think the strategies used during the transition are also essential?

Organizational Change

Organizational Change

Discuss your thoughts with your classmates and support any assertions with research and APA citations.

Submission 1 1/2 paragraph, APA

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