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Oprah Winfrey Book Review Synopsis

Oprah Winfrey Book Review Synopsis

Oprah Winfrey Book Review Synopsis

Bolman and Deal (1991) proposed that leaders need to look at organizational issues using four frames as the main perspectives. The authors proposed that focusing on only one frame can make the leader ineffective. Effective leadership requires that all four frames be incorporated into running an organization. This book review will discuss the leadership style of Oprah Winfrey. An outline of the main questions is discussed herein.

What frame or frames did the leader use?

Oprah keeps an open approach to leadership, not restricting herself to a single frame. She makes the most appropriate calls for her organizations and uses different frameworks for different situations. She uses all four frames of leadership.

Did the leader seem to be using the guidelines for leadership outlined throughout the course?

Yes, she did. However, Oprah’s leadership skills were not restricted to her employees but her audiences as well as her business partners and mentors.

What other elements were used (e.g., influence, motivation, networking, etc.)?

Oprah is legendary when it comes to creating transformative experiences for her audiences, staff, and individuals across the globe. She is renowned for inspiring others to reach greater heights and elevating some to the same. As a transformative and authentic leader, Oprah subtly bestows her power and talent in delivering services and goes on to share her experiences with recipients and staff alike in transforming, elevating, and empowering them. She owns her power, sells her influence, and demonstrates her credibility.

What did the leader do when something went wrong?

Oprah has a power that enables her to make things happen. She is able to effect change in her society and around the world. She has demonstrated social conscience to the community, as in the case of opening a school in South Africa for impoverished girls. ‘Oprah’s involvement in revealing the dangers of eating beef that could be tainted brought on a firestorm from all segments of the industry: the economy was affected, cattlemen were enraged, lobbyists were perturbed, and, in Amarillo, Texas, the industry’s lawyers brought suit against Oprah ( Garson, 2011, p. 161)’

How was success or failure celebrated?

Employees are the organization’s pillars who make the business run smoothly. Oprah is known to lavish her employees with vacations and gifts. She goes to the extent of handpicking gifts for her top staff. Her considerate nature to her employees motivates them to be more productive.

Additionally, Oprah is aware of the value of her customers. To this end, she is known to generously give out gifts to her audience.


Bolman, L. G., & Deal, T. E. (1991). Leadership and Management Effectiveness: A Multi‐frame, Multi‐sector Analysis. Human Resource Management30(4), 509-534.

Garson, H. S. (2011). Oprah Winfrey: A Biography: A Biography. ABC-CLIO.


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Final Paper Guidance Outline

Oprah Winfrey Book Review Synopsis

For Final paper I need to do paper on : Oprah Winfrey : A BioGraphy

Oprah Winfrey Book Review Synopsis

Oprah Winfrey Book Review Synopsis

Now that we have covered all four frames, and as you analyze the material from the biography of your selected leader, create a map to address the components of the four frames. You may review the guidance document provided for the midterm to get an idea of the types of things you should be looking for as you examine your selected leader’s biography. This assessment by Lee Bolman: Team Frames Assessment also provides you with some ideas to think about as you create your map. You do not need to complete the assessment, just review the questions.

Create a document that provides you with an outline to ensure that you address the components from all four frames. Besides the midterm guidance document, some of the ideas to think about are:

  • What frame or frames did the leader use?
  • Did the leader seem to be using the guidelines for leadership outlined throughout the course?
  • What other elements were used (e.g., influence, motivation, networking, etc.)?
  • What did the leader do when something went wrong?
  • How was success or failure celebrated?

This assessment by Lee Bolman: Team Frames Assessment

  1. Things to do :
  2. Look at the book Oprah Winfrey : A BioGraphy (Book is Attached along with assignment details)
  3. This paper need to be no more than 2 page long add on with reference page (2 plus references)
  4. This has to be in APA format
  5. Final paper will be a follow on for this assignment

Oprah Winfrey – A Biography

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