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Operational Dimensions of Management

Operational Dimensions of Management

Store environment’s influence on customers’ perceptions

The store’s environment has significant effects on clients’ perceptions. The internal elements include decoration, lighting, music directional signs, as well as human elements. The external factors include the building’s appearance, state, and maintenance. Background music can affect the impulses and purchasing behaviors of clients. The scent of a store affects the client’s moods and emotions. Pleasant scents encourage clients to stay longer, which means they are likely to spend more money (Bindu, Kodali, & Kumari, 2021). The lighting affects the moods as well and could generate a direct response from the shoppers. These external and internal factors affect the customers’ perceptions, attention, information processing, and categorization. When a client’s cognition is affected, their evaluation of a store’s services or products is influenced. Therefore, congruence tends to significantly affect the client’s perception (Liam, 2001).

Decisions to make when planning a complete renovation of your facilities

When renovating facilities, it is important to consider the target market. This market determines the style that is adopted during the process. Every entity should use certain appropriate pictures to evoke specific behaviors among clients. For instance, one can include display windows that add to the shopping experience and are valued by clients. Lighting, physical appearance, and layout are critical elements when seeking to influence shoppers

Purchase payment strategy of a business

The process of payment that clients can use during the purchase can affect their decision to purchase again. Fast options such as cash allow individuals to pay for services with reduced struggle. Credit cards, checks, and other cashless options tend to complicate the process. Security and convenience are critical elements. If clients are frustrated when paying for an item, they are likely to avoid future purchases (Industry Dive, 2021). In addition, if a business fails to offer convenient payment options such as credit cards, clients also get disappointed.


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Answer the following questions with at least one well-developed paragraph for each question:

How does the store environment influence customers’ perceptions? Consider external factors (building maintenance) as well as internal factors (merchandising sights and sounds).

Operational Dimensions of Management

Operational Dimensions of Management

What decisions would you need to make if you were planning a complete renovation of your facilities?

Evaluate the purchase payment strategy of a business. Consider checks, credit cards, and even cashless options.

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