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Online Advertising- Traditional Marketing Techniques

Online Advertising- Traditional Marketing Techniques

One of the key improvements made by online advertising over traditional techniques is that the former is more engaging. Firstly, online advertising allows businesses to target a specific pool of loyal customers directly instead of an ad to the general population (Durmaz & Efendioglu, 2016). Another improvement is that advertising businesses can track ads and measure engagement levels. For instance, if the ads are through social media platforms such as Facebook, the advertising company can monitor the likes and comments to measure engagement levels.

Also, online advertising is cost-effective compared to traditional marketing techniques like billboards and newspapers. With online advertising, companies can choose from different marketing plans, such as SEO or social media advertising (Durmaz & Efendioglu, 2016). With such diverse plans, a business has more control over marketing costs. Lastly, online advertising facilitates a wider audience reach. Traditionally, businesses had to part with significant investments to access a global audience, and even so, the platforms were few (Durmaz & Efendioglu, 2016). However, with digital marketing, a company can reach a global audience by making a small investment in SEO optimization. Hire our assignment writing services in case your assignment is devastating you.

A Supply-Push versus a Demand-Pull Sales Model

A push sales strategy is a supply chain strategy in which companies manufacture and ship products based on anticipated customer demand. For instance, Christmas ornaments are not manufactured when potential consumers express interest. Instead, companies manufacture these ornaments, knowing it is just a matter of time before customers come knocking (Chiang & Huang, 2021). The decision on how and what to produce is made way in advance. On the other hand, a pull-sales model focuses on reducing the stock on hand by emphasizing last-second deliveries. Under this model, products enter the supply chain only when a customer justifies the intention to purchase (Chiang & Huang, 2021). A good example of an industry that uses the model is a computer seller who only begins to build a custom-made computer when a customer orders.


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Describe how online advertising has improved on or added to traditional marketing techniques.

Online Advertising- Traditional Marketing Techniques

Online Advertising- Traditional Marketing Techniques

Explain the difference between a supply-push and a demand–pull sales model.

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