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Formal and Informal Onboarding or Assimilation Processes

CVS Health has clear onboarding or assimilation procedures. The formal orientation occurs during the first week in the conference room. Informal processes such as one-on-one and off-the-cuff coaching, as well as shadowing, begin in the second week. In addition, at least 76 per cent of new employees reported that they were satisfied with the onboarding process, especially during the first 90 days. The interviewed employees explained that their immediate managers were significantly helpful. While the organization has both formal and informal procedures, these onboarding processes need improvement. Accordingly, this is because 28 per cent of employees were not satisfied with the process (Comparably, 2022).

Factors Contributing To the Effectiveness of the Onboarding or Assimilation Processes

A consistent structure is important for a successful onboarding procedure. Consistency should be sought even when onboarding employees at different levels. They should also reflect the values of the company. Team involvement is critical for building relationships. Onboarding is not solely a human resource task. It should include other members of staff for greater effectiveness. Access to information is also essential in bringing on board new hires (SHRM, 2022).

Recommendations to the Current Onboarding Policy

First, training staff on the onboarding process and its importance are necessary for ensuring that they participate. The current onboarding processes signal a need for improvement. Prior to taking this step, it is important to ensure that all staff members are aware of their roles and the benefits of the process. Secondly, everyone should be informed about their role in the onboarding process. Finally, the constant evaluation of the process by collecting feedback is vital in ensuring that the onboarding procedures are improved consistently. Feedback from employees will facilitate the creation of a process that reduces turnover rates and ensures that new hires feel comfortable and post high-level productivity.


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What formal and informal onboarding or assimilation processes exist in your organization or an organization with which you are familiar?



Identify the factors that contribute to the effectiveness of the onboarding or assimilation processes. What changes do you recommend making to the current onboarding or assimilation process to improve their effectiveness when orientating new employees?

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