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Observation Techniques- Film Analysis

Observation Techniques- Film Analysis

When seen through the lens of culture, American society is a diverse society. The movie selected that best depicts cultural diversity and gender issues is the film Hidden Figures. This movie, produced in 2016, discusses the significant contribution of African American women who worked at the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) (Melfi, 2016). These three brilliant women help the director depict American society in the 1950s and their perspectives towards women and the diverse society. The film, based on a true story about Katherine Johnson, who worked as a human computer, shows how her calculation of orbital mechanics helped NASA’s space mission succeed.

The main characters in focus for this analysis are Katherine Goble Johnson, Dorothy Vaughan, and Mary Jackson. These three women overcame racial and gender discrimination at NASA, and their contribution to the space project became successful. While the story is about the three women, more interest is directed toward Katherine and her calculation (Melfi, 2016). The scene chosen for analysis is where women are not allowed into the Pentagon Briefing. This scene shows society’s ideologies towards women and people of color in general (Walker, Augoustinos & Donaghue, 2014). Thus, what is remarkable about this scene is that it shows Katherine as the only woman in a board meeting where all the members are White men; there are no women, and she is the only person of African American ethnicity.

This scene is an excellent representation of gender issues because it shows how NASA locked women away from prominent positions. Also, the scene helps to show how American society is diverse, but that diversity is not reflected in the workplace, especially in the 1950s. The conclusion that one can draw from the movie is that it accurately depicts American society and how gender discrimination was a problem (Banaji, Fiske & Massey, 2021). It also shows how diversity in America is leading to racial discrimination.


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Observation Techniques: Film Analysis
This week, you will analyze a three- to five-minute segment of a movie or a television episode depicting cultural diversity and gender issues.

After watching the movie segment, create a report on your analysis. In your report:

Mention the name of the movie.
Describe the setting and overall storyline of the movie.
Describe the main characters in the observed movie section.
Describe the situation in which you analyzed and interpreted the actions of the characters depicting cultural diversity and gender issues.
Draw conclusions based on social psychological concepts and theories.

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