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Objectives of President Woodrow at the Versailles Peace Conference

Objectives of President Woodrow at the Versailles Peace Conference

After World War I, a peace conference was held at Versailles, Paris, in January 1919. The objective of American President Wilson Woodrow in that conference was to establish peace. Over thirty countries were represented and participated, but the big four who dominated the proceedings were France, the United Kingdom, Italy, and the United States of America.

President Woodrow Wilson advocated for the formation of the League of Nations to prevent wars in the future. His objective was not only to defend the USA but also to vindicate principles of justice and peace in the world. He was not seeking power balance but a just and secure world with peace (Duiker, 2020). He aimed at free trade, colonial claims adjustments, armaments reduction, and freedom of seas for all the nations. The vision of President Woodrow was unselfish since it was for the moral diplomacy of the world. He believed the disputes could be resolved through compromise and negotiations and not through war.

His objective for the peace conference was different from that of allied countries post-war. France had witnessed a German attack twice, so the French minister aimed to weaken Germany economically, militarily, and strategically. On the other hand, Italy was neutral about the matter. It did not wish to destroy Germany, but it did not support peace. Accordingly, the British aimed to remove the German high seas threat, keep the League of Nations, settle contentions of territories, and ensure France was safe.

In conclusion, the aim for world peace at the conference did not conflict with the objectives of the British in attending the meeting. Germany was the leading country in Europe that had caused the war, and every other country was not happy and blamed it for the war. Germany wanted peace but was ready to attack if any country attacked it.


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What were the primary objectives of U.S. President Woodrow Wilson at the Versailles Peace Conference, and how did they differ from the postwar aims of other Allied nations?

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