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Objectives and Strategy of a Training Program

Objectives and Strategy of a Training Program



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The next step in building the Learning Intervention Plan (LIP) is to align the need and the target audience with learning objectives and strategies for the training. Address the following in a 2-3 page paper:
• Include at least three (3) SMART (specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, and time-bound) learning objectives for your training or intervention.
• Present an actionable strategy to motivate learners.
• Provide a rationale for the methods you selected.
• Discuss potential obstacles to these strategies, and discuss how they will be overcome.
• Explain whether you will include external partners, and provide a rationale for that decision.
• Style: Your paper should include an introduction paragraph, well-developed and supported body paragraphs that address the assigned topics, and a conclusion paragraph.
• Length: Your paper should be approximately 2-3 pages in length.
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