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Nutritional and Physical Activity Reflection

Nutritional and Physical Activity Reflection

Factors Affecting Food and Activity Choices

One of the critical determinants of the type of food I consume is biological determinants such as hunger and appetite (Whitelock et al., 2018). From my nutrition program, it is clear that the type of food I choose to consume is significantly impacted by whether I am hungry. My economic status also dramatically determines the food I choose to eat. My income and the cost of various foodstuffs determine what I choose to consume. Time availability and my cooking skills are also crucial in deciding what to eat.

My immediate built environment determines the type of physical activity I engage in. Additionally, the fact that my workplace has stairs is an added advantage as it allows me to use them as a form of exercise. My age is another crucial determinant influencing the type of physical activity I engage in (Clinton et al., 2020). The availability of time and a well-equipped gym nearby are also essential motivators for engaging in physical activity.

Where to Make Improvements

One of the significant improvements I would make to my feeding and exercise schedule is to ensure that I consistently consume all my meals around the same time each day. Another critical adjustment I would make is ensuring I consume my final meal a few hours before bed. Eating late or just before bed is not recommended as it promotes weight gain and increases body mass index (BMI) (Boege et al., 2021). Minimizing or avoiding eating before hitting the gym is another adjustment I would make. Studies suggest that eating before exercising is unhealthy as there is reduced blood for digestion as most of it is channeled to the muscles. Altogether, this may cause digestive disturbances.

Side Effects of Poor Feeding and Lack of Physical Activity

            Poor feeding and being physically inactive are some of the leading causes of most non-communicable diseases. Poor feeding and lack of exercise are some of the significant risk factors predisposing to conditions such as type 2 diabetes, hypertension, cardiovascular complications, and even certain types of cancers (Swift et al., 2018). Poor feeding and lack of physical activity also mean one feels lethargic and demotivated, with little or no energy to engage in daily activities.

Was My Mood Affected By My Choices?

            My mood and energy levels have significantly improved ever since I started exercising. Each morning, after exercising, I feel motivated, successful, and willing to engage in my daily tasks. Accordingly, this feeling dramatically influences how I interact with my co-workers and has improved workplace performance. Also, my newly adopted diet energizes me at the workplace and makes me feel relaxed when I come home.

What I Have Learnt About Myself

            Significantly, I have learned that I sometimes find it challenging to commit to something, especially something quite demanding. However, I am fully committed and motivated to the task once I start, and nothing can stop me. In addition, I am consistently looking for ways to better myself every day. Nonetheless, things may be challenging, but I am equally challenged once I start and choose to remain committed to the course.


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Nutritional and Physical Activity Reflection

Nutritional and Physical Activity Reflection

The gym at 5 am (banana before gym) + stairs at work
Two cheese empanadas at 10:30 am. I ate this because I was hungry.
Steak and potatoes 4:20 pm; I ate this because I was hungry.
Fruits for dinner 8:30 pm; I ate this because I was not hungry and just wanted a little snack.
After I exercised, I felt very successful since I started recently, and it was hard to go at first, especially so early in the morning. After eating, I felt perfect and energized, especially since I eat at my job. I usually am tired before I eat. I eat my dinner at home, which relaxes me after a long day of school and work.

The gym at 5 am + stairs at work
Mashed plantain with cheese and egg 10:45 am
Salmon with rice 3:30 pm
Shrimp Pasta 8:45 pm
My feelings are the same as above.

The gym at 5 am + stairs at work
Two cheese empanada 11 am
Four wings from Wingstop & fries 3:15 pm
½ Salad and 1 cup of broccoli cheddar soup 8 15 pm
My feelings are the same as above.

Rest day, no gym. Took stairs at work.
Three small sandwiches: 11 am
A pepperoni Panini 4:15 pm
Fruits- I ate this because I was not really hungry and just wanted a little snack.
Today felt like a good rest day, but everything is the same.

Actual reflection Instructions:
In a 2-page paper, 12-point Times New Roman font, analyze your journal based on Dietary Guidelines for Americans and ACSM Physical Activity Guidelines.

Discuss the following in your paper:
A) What factors affected your food and activity choices?
B) Where could you make improvements in nutrition and physical activity?
C) Are there any side effects of eating poorly and not being physically active?
D) Was your mood/energy level affected by your choices?
E) What was the most important thing you learned about yourself?

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