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Nursing Manifesto

Nursing Manifesto

Nurses are the backbone of healthcare; therefore, unprofessional, poorly trained, or unempathetic nurses lead to poor treatment outcomes in many patients. A nursing manifesto aims to ensure nurses are competent and work in good conditions by outlining what a nurse is and what nursing means and giving recommendations on good nursing practice. Nursing manifestos are mostly on specific topics that affect nurses. A nursing manifesto on nurses’ conscience, knowledge development, and praxis acknowledges the daily challenges nurses face when dealing with human rights issues and the need to introduce human rights training at all levels of nursing education (Kagan et al., 2010).

A nursing manifesto is meant to have implications in the nursing practice. Nursing manifestos have had a global impact on inspiring professional and personal sovereignty among nurses. Nurses are opposed to negative work environments, which has seen the improvement of working conditions through different recommendations in nursing manifestos. Nursing manifestos have seen nurses’ continuous education, training, and development (Kagan et al., 2010).

Nurses must be aware of the challenges they might experience during their practice. Some challenges are experienced in every nursing setup, while others are specific to individual nurses, facilities, or hospitals. Every nurse should know that issues include shortage of nurses, inadequate staffing, burnout, changing technology in healthcare, workplace violence, emotional stress, and exposure to chemicals and contagious diseases. Challenges such as inadequate staffing can be specific to a facility or a hospital unit, such as a shortage of oncology nurses (Haddad et al., 2022). Nurses must be informed of such challenges to guide their decisions in specialization and navigating the work environment. Nurses who are aware of work challenges can seek timely help for challenges such as psychological stress.


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What is the purpose of a ‘manifesto’?

Nursing Manifesto

Nursing Manifesto

What is the value of nursing and its implications for our practice?
What are the ‘issues’ that every nurse should know about?

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