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Nursing Leadership and Management

Nursing Leadership and Management

Texas Mandated Reporter Statute

Texas Mandated Reporter Statute necessitates immediately reporting purported abuse and claims to the necessary authority. The abuse may be in the form of physical coupled with mental health, together with welfare. The basis is in regards to licensed and certified care professionals by Texas State to make the report to a local-based alongside state law enforcement bodies (Mandatory Reporting Laws in Texas, 2022). Alternatively, the information may be communicated to the Department of Family and Protective Services.

An example of a mandated reporter scenario involves an eight-year-old child discovered crying within the neighbourhood. This is after the alcoholic mother had left him unattended at home and had gone to indulge in alcoholic drinking. As a nurse, there is a need to report the event since there is an overwhelming degree of certainty for abuse and neglect of the child (Mandatory Reporting Laws in Texas, 2022). Subsequently, the next phase involves CPS conducting an in-depth investigation to ascertain the extremity of the issue. Consequently, the child’s physical and mental health and safety are examined. The next phase involves conveying the developed report to the law enforcement agency.

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Response to Peer Scenario

In this scenario, the care facility’s pertinent nurse leaders and managers must outline and communicate the required principles effectively to the male nurse and therapist. The principles underline the universally relevant clinical practice guidelines for patient-centred outcomes and patient safety (Kakemam et al., 2020). Accordingly, the two care providers will be reminded of their individual and professional-based accountabilities when handling patients. The context is regarding ensuring ethical practice for varying genders, sexual orientations, personal beliefs, and spiritual or cultural backgrounds.

There should be the facilitation of reporting the two care providers as per the applicable mandated reporter laws for the state. This move will ensure that the nurse leaders and managers oversee their in-depth capacity alongside the scope of practice directed within their licensure. Also, there will be the enablement to ensure that the affected patient is offered the proper treatment intervention (Lippy et al., 2020). This aspect is through collaboration between the nurse leaders man, agers, and other authorities acknowledged by the state.


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1a) Review yourstate’ss mandated reporter statute( USE TEXAS). Provide details about this in your post. What are the steps in reporting the issue if faced with a directed reporter issue? Create a mandated reporter scenario and post it.

Nursing Leadership and Management

Nursing Leadership and Management

1b) Respond to one of your peers ‘ scenarios( see scenario below) using the guidelines for submission/reporting in your state. Be sure to include a reference to your state’s website related to mandated reporting.

One day, in a nursing home, a patient stated that a male nurse had assaulted her. The patient had some confusion. That day, she was cared for by a male nurse and a male therapist.

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