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Nurses Role in Emergency Responses

Nurses Role in Emergency Responses

Nurses play a vital role in emergency response. Their responsibilities in emergencies include but are not limited to assessing patient needs, treating emerging critical injuries, cleaning wounds, performing minor life-saving medical operations, and maintaining standards of care in the emergency rooms. Nursing training equips them with the prerequisite knowledge of patient handling and safety enhancement in emergencies (Firouzkouhi et al., 2021). However, the scope of nursing responsibilities in an emergency is limited by several factors. Limited managerial support, lack of resources and funds, understaffing, and overcrowding have been implicated as hindrances to nurses’ functionalities during emergency responses (Afaya et al., 2021). Also, emergencies often present significant clinical challenges to nurses and other first-line responders such as doctors and pharmacists. These responders play a critical role in assessing the patients, treating the patients, and maintaining standards of care in the emergency rooms. Unlike nurses, doctors perform complex life-saving operations. On the other hand, pharmacists handle medication administration issues that may be apparent in these situations.


Afaya, A., Bam, V., Azongo, T., Afaya, R., Yakong, V., & Kpodo, G. et al. (2021). “We are left with nothing to work with”; challenges of nurses working in the emergency unit at a secondary referral hospital: A descriptive qualitative study. PLOS ONE16(2), e0247062.

Firouzkouhi, M., Kako, M., Abdollahimohammad, A., Balouchi, A., & Farzi, J. (2021). Nurses’ Roles in Nursing Disaster Model: A Systematic Scoping Review. Iranian Journal of Public Health


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INSTRUCTIONS: Answer separately with references per question

In an emergency situation, what do you think are your responsibilities and limitations? Compare these to the responsibilities of the other responders. 5 marks

Nurses Role in Emergency Responses

Nurses Role in Emergency Responses

Do your Standards of Practice specifically list venipuncture drug administration and IV medication? What is a healthcare professional in your position allowed to do? 5 marks


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