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Nurses Role and Responsibility as Health Educator

Nurses Role and Responsibility as Health Educator

Nurse educators play a vital role in inspiring, teaching, mentoring and leading the way in tailoring healthcare services to a more patient-centered approach. Nurse educators can employ several strategies while developing educational programs on health promotions. These include increasing the learners’ experiences with the patients by increasing the contact time between the learners and the patient, including learners in clinical interdisciplinary healthcare teams, and allowing learners to present patient cases to the healthcare teams. Including learners in healthcare teams enable them to see differing perspectives on patient management and gives them insight into how clinical complexities are handled.

Behavioral objectives define the expected behaviour of a learner or a participant after a learning process. The behavioural objective should be utilized during a care plan when the patient demonstrates a willingness to change or learn (Pritchard-Wiart et al., 2019). The behavioural objective defined in this regard will be targeted at evaluating the outcomes of the learning process. It helps determine the effectiveness of the process.

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Pritchard-Wiart, L., Thompson-Hodgetts, S., & McKillop, A. (2019). A review of goal setting theories relevant to goal setting in paediatric rehabilitation. Clinical Rehabilitation, 33(9), 1515-1526.


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1a) Describe the nurse’s role and responsibility as a health educator. What strategies, besides the use of learning styles, can a nurse educator consider when developing tailored individual care plans or educational programs in health promotion?

Nurses Role and Responsibility as Health Educator

Nurses Role and Responsibility as Health Educator

When should behavioral objectives be utilized in a care plan or health promotion?
1b) Describe a health promotion model used to initiate behavioral changes. How does this model help in teaching behavioural changes? What are some of the barriers that affect a patient’s ability to learn? How does a patient’s readiness to learn, or readiness to change, affect learning outcomes?

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