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NURS 3110 Week 3 Assignment – Comparing Organizations with Benchmark Data

NURS 3110 Week 3 Assignment – Comparing Organizations with Benchmark Data

Have you ever looked up the ratings of the hospital facility that you go to when you need medical attention? That is what the Hospital Compare website is used for. Hospital Compare has information about the quality of care at over 4,000 Medicare-certified hospitals across the country. You can use this information to make decisions on where to get your health care, and it also helps hospitals improve the quality of care they provide. The purpose of this paper is to compare two local facilities, one being my employer.

Description of Two Organizations

I chose to compare Huntsville Hospital and Crestwood Medical Center. I chose these two locations because they are the two most well-known hospitals in our area, and Crestwood is not part of the Huntsville Hospital Health System. Both Huntsville Hospital (HH) and Crestwood Medical Center (CMC) are urban acute care hospitals located in Huntsville, AL. I will first discuss Huntsville Hospital.

According to Huntsville Hospital’s website, HH has 971 beds across three campuses. It is the second-largest hospital in the state. It is a regional referral center for North Alabama and Southern Tennessee. In recent years, HH has expanded its services throughout the region with the development of the HH Health System. It is the 3rd publicly owned hospital system in the nation, with more than 1 800 beds and 13 000 employees. HH has the only stroke center in Madison County. It also houses the only three gynecologic oncology physicians in North Alabama. HH was ranked Americas Best in Cardiac Surgery in 2017. It also has the state’s largest emergency and trauma program and the region’s only state-designated level 1 trauma center.

According to Crestwood Medical Center’s website, CMC has 180 full-service beds. They are a Tier 1 facility from Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Alabama and a “Top performer in key. quality measures” by the Joint Commission. They have been awarded the 2018 America’s 100 Best, 2018 Excellence award, and 2018 Five-Star Recipient, all in spine surgery. Do you need urgent assignment help ? Get in touch with us at

NURS 3110 Week 3 Assignment – Comparing Organizations with Benchmark Data

Comparison of Two Organizations

Two quality measures I chose are Healthcare-Associated Infections (HAIs) and Preventive Care, flu vaccinations for healthcare workers in the facility. HAIs are infections that people get while they’re getting treatment for another condition in a healthcare setting (Hospital Compare). There are different types of HAIs, central-line associated bloodstream infections (CLABSI), catheter-associated urinary tract infections (CAUTI), surgical site infections (SSI) colon surgery and SSI with abdominal hysterectomy, Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus Aureus (MRSA) blood infections and Clostridium difficile (C.diff) intestinal infections.

Regarding HAIs, the standardized infection ratio national benchmark is 1. HH scored no different than the national benchmark in all areas except worse in MRSA infections and better than the national benchmark in C. diff infections. CMC scored no different than the national benchmark in all except for worse in SSI with abdominal hysterectomy. Preventive care with flu vaccinations for employees was a significant difference between the two facilities. The state benchmark is 80%, and the national benchmark is 88%. HH scored 91% of 10 984 employees, and CMC scored 67% of 2 056 employees. Aside from the preventive care measure, I would say that the two facilities are equal in this aspect.

Analysis of Factors that Contribute to Performance Measures

There was a significant difference in the preventive care measure regarding employee flu vaccinations. As an employee of the HH Health Care System, I think I know the factor that contributes to that difference. Each year we are given $100 for each quality measure we meet as A system, part of which is flu vaccinations. If you refuse the flu vaccine, your bonus is deducted. $100. That is enough incentive for me to get a simple injection; as far as the HAIs, both facilities were fairly equal, aside from the few differences.

Data Standardization to Improve Quality Comparison Measures

By using standardizations, organizations can benefit from cost savings, decision-support rules, outcomes measurement, and the ability to use the data for data mining. Data mining is used to analyze healthcare data from different perspectives and summarize it into useful information that can be used to improve patient safety and quality of care and cut costs. For CMS-eligible hospitals such as Huntsville Hospital and Crestwood Medical Center, the use of standardized terminology is necessary for data collection and reporting of established quality measures. (Hebda, 2017)

NURS 3110 Week 3 Assignment – Comparing Organizations with Benchmark Data


In conclusion, if you need to seek medical attention and can safely wait, you may want to look up the highest-rate facility. For example, if I have a family member who needs a cardiologist, I will go to Huntsville Hospital because that is the best place for that. But if I need spine surgery, Crestwood Medical Center looks to be the place to go.


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The comparison of organizations is essential in providing information to the consumers on how well these institutions offer the recommended care. The data provided can help clients in making decisions regarding where to get services. Therefore, the purpose of this paper is to compare two local organizations using benchmark data where a particular focus will be on their performance.

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