NURS 3100 – Issues and Trends in Nursing Free Samples

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In this program, students are given a nursing evolution overview as a career and presented to their scholar-practitioners’ new role. They examine changes in the United States health care delivery system changes, information technology importance, and actions that boost better health, safety, quality, and patient care outcomes.

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  1. NURS 3100 Week 1 Discussion – Creating Your Nursing Legacy Free Sample
  2. NURS 3100 Week 1 Assignment – Journal – Technology Contingency Plan Free Sample
  3. NURS 3100 Week 2 Discussion – The Most Trusted Profession Free Sample
  4. NURS 3100 Week 2 Assignment – Journal – Time Management (Observe, Process, Reflect) Free Sample
  5. NURS 3100 Week 3 Discussion – Nurses Make the Difference Free Sample
  6. NURS 3100 Week 3 Assignment 1 – Impact of Nurses On Health Care Quality Free Sample
  7. NURS 3100 Week 4 Discussion – The Essence of Nursing Free Sample
  8. NURS 3100 Week 4 Assignment – Quality Nursing – Part 1 of 2 Free Sample
  9. NURS 3100 Week 5 Discussion – Leading Civility in the Workplace Free Sample
  10. NURS 3100 Week 5 Assignment – Maintaining Academic Integrity by Avoiding Plagiarism Free Sample
  11. NURS 3100 Week 6 Discussion – Nurses are Changing the World Free Sample
  12. NURS 3100 Week 6 Assignment – Journal – Observe, Process, and Reflect Free Sample
  13. NURS 3100 Week 6 Assignment 1 – Quality Nursing (Part 2 of 2) Free Sample
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