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NUR 4590 – Deliverable 1 – Professional Identity Infographic/Leadership Attributes Memo

NUR 4590 – Deliverable 1 – Professional Identity Infographic/Leadership Attributes Memo

To: Management and nursing staff

From: Jane Doe

Date: April 16, 2023

Re: Leadership Attributes for a sentinel event

The reason for this memorandum is to address a situation that happened in one of our units today. I was made aware by a unit manager that this event could have possibly been preventable. This sentinel event will be investigated to determine if it occurred because of one of our nurses’ actions or lack of action. My plan is to use this sentinel event that unfortunately resulted in a negative outcome to improve our nurse leadership and ensure that this situation does not happen again.

About this event, I would make sure all data is collected. By speaking with the nurse suspected of patient abuse and gathering all other information important to this patient’s case, I will ensure to get the whole scenario. I will also talk to those who have reported any suspected abuse in any other incidents. I feel it is very important to gather all the information before moving forward with any decisions.

In regard to transitional leadership, it is directed by change in individuals and the units they work in (Huber, 2018). I encourage for now moving forward you each take the five attributes listed below and apply them to running your team and keeping them moving forward with health promotion and patient safety. Take the time to work with each member of your team and with any new and future members to teach them about the many areas that were discussed.

  1. Communication: This is a vital quality to have. Communication between all parties demonstrates talking, listening, and exchanging information to help avoid any misunderstanding and deter patient care (Weiss, 2019). Positive and negative feedback with constructive criticism is also vital. This will allow members to improve their individual growth.
  1. Solving problems: Teams need a leader who can find solutions in many circumstances. From paperwork, patient, or staff problems (Weiss, 2019). When a leader shows critical thinking abilities it promotes trust from the team members and trust as an overall group for the current and future
  2. Integrity: If you want your staff to have integrity, you should show by example. Nurses are expected to follow a personal code of ethics and the American Nurses Association Code of Ethics for Nurses (Weiss, 2019). When the code of morals is followed, it demonstrates an ethical part and helps with making the best decision when focusing on our
  3. Courage: This will help a leader advance in their position. Mental fortitude is important in many circumstances such as this. It may be the reason why a colleague would bring up the possible patient maltreatment and could have stopped it before
  4. Stress Management: Nursing can be a stressful job when added to that a management position, it can lead to a more stressful situation. If we are able to effectively cope with stress in a healthier way, it can help ourselves and our team members work in an effective manner (Weiss, 2019).

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NUR 4590 – Deliverable 1 – Professional Identity Infographic/Leadership Attributes Memo

You have recently started a position as a department director with five managers reporting to you. Earlier today, one of your managers reported that a client expired on her unit. She suspects that a factor that may have contributed to the client’s demise may be related to the actions of a nurse on her unit. This nurse has several notes in her personnel file that reflect potential client abuse. You and the nurse manager both have concerns that this sentinel event must be investigated.

Later in the day, the Chief Nursing Officer asks you to speak to new nurse managers to share attributes of leadership with the plan of enhancing their leadership skills. You see an opportunity to combine the situation of the client with a bad outcome due to the alleged influence of one of the nurses while building information to share this real-life situation with new nurse leaders.


As a follow-up to the investigation of the client’s unexpected death, generate an internal memo for your managers to reflect leadership and management attributes and include steps taken to investigate this unfortunate situation. As you create this memo, keep in mind that you should include:

  • At least five leadership and/or management attributes for nurse leaders, as well as how they can improve client outcomes.
  • Steps you would take to ensure the collection of data regarding this incident.
  • Describe how transformational leadership style may influence the process of investigating this professional nurse colleague who reports to one of your unit managers.
  • Provides stated ideas with professional language and attribution for credible sources with correct APA citation, spelling, and grammar.

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