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NSG 4076 Week 5 Project – Developing a Care Plan

NSG 4076 Week 5 Project – Developing a Care Plan

As health care providers, it is essential to assess and understand the community’s health needs around us as this helps in formulating health promotion strategies to use to promote wellness and healthy living to the community members. Understanding patient needs and risk factors is very important as effective interventions are developed and implemented to fight diseases and disorders among people living in a given community. For this assignment, the aggregate that is considered is people living in Hialeah City in Miami. People living here are faced with different health risk factors, with diabetes and obesity being the leading health issues affecting people living in this City. Having the aim of taking care of the aggregate members in Hialeah, the main focus of this assignment will be to identify two common health issues, which are diabetes and obesity, come up with strategies on how these conditions can be handled, Analyze what other authors have documented on obesity and diabetes, and develop a disaster management plan on disasters that might affect people living in Hialeah.

Discussion and Application of MAP-IT

The best assessment and evaluation tool that will be used for this assignment is the MAP- IT plan, which stands for mobilizing, assessing, planning, implementing, and keeping track of records. This is a very effective tool in nursing while dealing with members of a given community. It allows one to understand the community, the health challenges that members of that community are facing, and the interventions that will ensure that the identified challenges are solved effectively and efficiently. Evaluation of results after implementation is very important as it helps ensure that the intended goals are achieved within the scope and timeline (Jebb & Aveyard, 2020).

In Hialeah city, mobilization will involve community members, community resources, health care providers, and different agencies that deal with obesity and diabetes. This will be very important as patients will learn about the available interventions that will help in eradicating obesity in Hialeah. Different resources and agencies will educate the community members on all the available resources that they can utilize to get the required help on time and with efficiency. Assessment is the next step that will involve assessing the aggregate to identify the major causes of the increase in cases of obesity and diabetes among community members.

The assessment will involve evaluating different interventions that community members are putting in place to help in the treatment of diseases and disorders relating to obesity and diabetes and the risk factors that have increased in diabetes and obesity cases. The planning phase will involve planning on different interventions that need to be implemented to ensure that diabetes and obesity are eradicated in Hialeah. The implementation phase will involve putting in place the selected interventions to ensure that they provide solutions to patients suffering from obesity and diabetes and help prevent those who are not ill from getting the disease (Jebb & Aveyard, 2020). The tracking phase will involve assessing how the interventions implemented can solve the health issues and the risk factors associated with Diabetes and Obesity in Hialeah City.

NSG 4076 Week 5 Project – Developing a Care Plan

Priority Nursing Diagnosis

Both Diabetes and Obesity are lifestyle-related diseases and are one of the leading diseases in Hialeah. It means that the aggregate members here are living a poor lifestyle. Type II Diabetes is the most common among patients living in Hialeah, with every healthcare facility receiving new cases of diabetes every day. Despite having poor people in Hialeah, most people drive and live a good life, which is not in line with their income, but the reason for this is that most people receive monetary help from the government and from the countries where they come from that make them live a poor lifestyle. From the analysis, it is clear that there are all sorts of foodstuffs in the market, enough walkways, and fields where people can exercise, but most people do not exercise and have poor diets. For obesity cases, Poor eating habits are the leading cause of the disease increase in Hialeah. During the survey, fast food outlets had many people buying as compared to hotels that sold balanced diets (James, 2020).

The two most effective methods of managing both diabetes and obesity include exercise and a good diet. To enhance the quality of living, exercise helps make sure that community members can use the extra energy in their body and burn all the cholesterol in the body, hence reducing cases of obesity. Community members need to involve instructors during exercise as they help in educating them on the best exercise methods that result in a healthy life (James, 2020). A balanced diet is very important in introducing the required nutrients to the body. As healthcare providers, we should be able to guide community members on the best methods that they can use to determine a balanced diet.


To eradicate Diabetes and Obesity in Hialeah city, the three most important interventions include patient education on the measures and interventions to consider to help in the management of diabetes and obesity, which includes taking a quality and balanced diet, regular physical activities, and ensuring that at all times they seek intervention from health care providers to help in diagnosing obesity at early stages. The third intervention is through Medication, where healthcare providers assess the patient’s condition and prescribe medicine to the patient.

Desired Outcome

After implementing the target interventions, the desired outcomes are the reduction of obesity and diabetes cases in Hialeah and the reduction of risk factors associated with Obesity and Diabetes, such as cardiovascular and respiratory diseases and disorders. When these diseases are treated, people in Hialeah will be able to live a high-quality life that is free from diseases and disorders. One of the projected consequences is a reduction in the number of diabetics diagnosed. Healthcare professionals can have a large positive impact on the aggregate by improving health and providing information targeted at enhancing people’s health by addressing crucial issues related to these health difficulties. Health education should assist the general public in finding more significance in accessing healthcare services. When community members are healthy, it means that they are productive and able to carry on with their day-to-day activities.

Evaluation Criteria

The evaluation criteria will involve analyzing the number of patients suffering from diabetes and obesity in Hialeah city at the beginning of the project and the number of people at the end of the project. The evaluation will be done through questionnaires, interviews, and analysis of hospital data for patients suffering from obesity and diabetes.

Disaster Planning

Disaster planning is very important as it ensures that community members in areas where disasters occur are trained on how to avoid the effects of disaster and the steps to take in case a disaster occurs (Hall, 2016). Hurricanes and floods are the most common disasters in Hialeah city. Over the past decade, many Hialeah community members have lost their properties and lives, life and others got injured as a result of natural and manmade disasters.

Strategies for Handling Disaster

The first strategy involves educating community members on how to deal with different types of disasters that might occur in their area. Some of the strategies include the use of lifesavers, swimming, and use of boats in case of floods. It is setting up a site for experts in flooding and hurricane lifesaving who will be able to help community members in case of a disaster. Having rivers, dams, and weirs that can help in flowing and harvesting excess water is very important in flood management (Hall, 2016). For hurricanes, community members should plant trees and construct windbreakers that will help in blocking high-frequency winds that result in hurricanes.

NSG 4076 Week 5 Project – Developing a Care Plan

Disaster Supply Kit

Some of the important equipment during a disaster includes a Local map, a Whistle and other communication devices to signal for help, a floating jacket, First aid kits including breathing machines, touch, Food and water, Medical and Sanitation Clothing, and footwear emergency phone numbers (Marks, 2015).


Nurses play an important role in the assessment and management of different community diseases and disorders and, therefore, should be equipped with the necessary resources to help in the fight against diseases and disorders. In Hialeah city, lifestyle diseases and disorders are the most prevalent, and therefore, healthcare providers and community nurses should come up with a care plan that will help in the management of these diseases and disorders. Understanding common disasters in a given area helps members to be prepared on how to deal with the disease in case a disaster occurs, hence saving lives and property.


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Last week, you conducted a risk assessment to identify the health risks faced by the aggregate you selected.

This week, begin working on a comprehensive care plan for the aggregate and submit it to the Submissions Area by the due date assigned. The care plan should propose a nursing diagnosis for the aggregate and include strategies to tackle the major health risks identified during the risk assessment.

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